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Create Test from Base Class

First create a test class that extends from:

  • org.apache.myfaces.mc.test.core.AbstractMyFacesRequestTestCase
  • org.apache.myfaces.mc.test.core.AbstractMyFacesCDIRequestTestCase (Use Apache OpenWebbeans)

For example

public class SimpleTestCase extends AbstractMyFacesCDIRequestTestCase
    private HelloWorldController helloWorldBean;

    public void testHelloWorld() throws Exception
        Assert.assertEquals("page2.xhtml", helloWorldBean.send());

        client.inputText("mainForm:name", "John Smith");
        // The button end current request and start a new request 
        // with a simulated submit 

        Assert.assertEquals("John Smith", helloWorldBean.getName());
        Assert.assertEquals("/page2.xhtml", facesContext.getViewRoot().getViewId());

    protected ExpressionFactory createExpressionFactory()
        return new com.sun.el.ExpressionFactoryImpl();

    protected String getWebappResourcePath()
        return "webapp";

The method getWebappResourcePath() defines where in the test classpath are the pages to load. createExpressionFactory() defines the EL Expression factory used. There are many examples available in MyFaces Core 2.2.x impl module, so just take a look and the code.