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1   // Do not edit this file!
2   // This file has been automatically generated.
3   // Edit LoggerBundle.xrts and run the XRTSMakeBundle tool instead.
4   // 
5   package org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.resource;
7   import java.util.ListResourceBundle;
9   public class LoggerBundle extends ListResourceBundle {
10    @Override
11    public Object[][] getContents() {
12      return new Object[][] {
13      {"CANNOT_FIND_FACESBEAN", "Could not find FacesBean class {0}"},
14      {"CANNOT_CREATE_FACESBEAN_INSTANCE", "Could not create instance of FacesBean {0}"},
15      {"NO_FACES_BEAN_PROPERTIES_FILES_LOCATED", "No files located"},
16      {"CANNOT_LOAD_URL", "Could not load {0}"},
17      {"ERR_CREATE_NEW_COMPONENT_INSTANCE", "Error on trying to create new component instance for {0}"},
18      {"CONVERSION_CLASS_TYPE", "Conversion class: {0} not of type {1}"},
19      {"FAILED_ROWKEYSETATTRIBUTECHANGE", "Failed to apply row key set attribute change. Reason : {1}"},
20      {"UNABLE_INSTANTIATE_CONVERTERCLASS", "Unable to instantiate converterClass: {0}"},
21      {"SAVED_CHILD_COUNT_NOT_MATCH", "Saved child count does not match current count (was {0}, now {1})"},
22      {"FACETS_STATE_MISSING_WILLNOT_RESTORE", "State for some facets of {0} is missing, and will not be restored."},
23      {"DISCARDING_SAVED_STATE", "Saved facet state includes state for facet \"{0}\" which is not present in restored tree; discarding this state."},
24      {"SAVED_STATE_INCLUDE_TRANSIENT_COMPONENT_STATE", "Saved state includes state for a transient component: {0}"},
25      {"CANNOT_FIND_ROWKEY", "Could not find rowKey for clientRowKey:{0}"},
26      {"NO_INITIAL_STAMP_STATE", "There was no initial stamp state for currencyKey:{0} and currencyKeyForInitialStampState:{1} and stampId:{2}"},
27      {"CANNOT_FIND_RENDERER", "Could not find renderer for {0} rendererType = {1}"},
28      {"CANNOT_LOAD_TYPE_PROPERTIES", "Could not load type properties"},
29      {"CANNOT_GET_RESOURCE_KEY", "Could not get resource key {0} from skin {1}"},
30      {"TRYING_ATTACH_RENDERERINGCONTEXT", "Trying to attach RenderingContext to a thread that already had one."},
31      {"NO_REQUESTCONTEXT_TWO_DIGIT_YEAR_START_DEFAULT", "Cannot find RequestContext; two-digit-year-start will be defaulted"},
32      {"NO_REQUESTCONTEXT_TIMEZONE_DEFAULT", "Cannot find RequestContext;  TimeZone will default."},
33      {"FAIL_HOLD_DECIMALFORMAT", "Failed to get hold of DecimalFormat for type: {0} decimal separator, number grouping separator, currency code will be defaulted based on locale {1}"},
34      {"NULL_REQUESTCONTEXT", "RequestContext is null: decimal separator, number grouping separator, currency code will be defaulted based on locale"},
35      {"NULL_REQUEST_CONTEXT_UNABLE_GET_CURRENCY_CODE", "RequestContext is null, unable to get currency code"},
36      {"NULL_REQUEST_CONTEXT_UNABLE_GET_ROUNDING_MODE", "RequestContext is null, unable to get default RoundingMode for the application."},
37      {"NUMBER_NOT_DECIMALFORMAT_IGNORE_CURRENCY", "Number format was not instance of DecimalFormat: ignoring currency information while formatting."},
38      {"COLLECTIONMODEL_SET_NULL", "CollectionModel was set to null"},
39      {"INVALID_ROWKEY", "Invalid rowkey:{0} type:{1}"},
40      {"NULL_VIEWID", "The viewId property in ViewIdPropertyMenuModel is null. The viewId property is needed to find the focus rowKey."},
41      {"INVALID_EL_EXPRESSION", "EL Expression {0} is invalid or returned a bad value"},
42      {"OPEN_URI_EXCEPTION", "Exception opening URI {0}"},
43      {"ERR_CREATE_MENU_MODEL", "Exception creating menu model {0}"},
44      {"RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND", "Resource \"{0}\" at path \"{1}\" not found"},
45      {"UNABLE_RETRIEVE_IMAGE_DATA", "Unable to retrieve image data for icon of type {0}. Try using ContextImageIcon."},
46      {"ERR_PARSING_URL", "Error parsing:{0}"},
47      {"ERR_LOADING_RESROUCE", "Error loading resource:{0}"},
48      {"RESOURCE_NAME_NOT_PORTABLE", "Resource name \"{0}\" begins with a slash, which is not portable."},
49      {"UNABLE_LOAD_MESSAGE_BUNDLE", "unable to load bundle {0}"},
50      {"UNABLE_LOAD_FACES_BUNDLE", "Unable to load faces bundle {0}"},
51      {"RESOURCESERVLET_UNABLE_FIND_RESOURCELOADER", "Unable to find ResourceLoader for ResourceServlet at servlet path:{0} Cause: Could not find resource:{1}"},
52      {"RESOURCESERVLET_IN_DEBUG_MODE", "Trinidad ResourceServlet is running in debug mode. Do not use in a production environment. See the {0} parameter in /WEB-INF/web.xml"},
53      {"CANNOT_FIND_CONTEXT_CLASS_LOADER", "Could not find context class loader."},
54      {"CANNOT_CONVERT_INTO_INT_ARRAY", "Could not convert:{0} into int[]"},
55      {"CANNOT_PARSE_VALUE_INTO_DATE", "Could not parse value {0} into a Date using pattern \"yyyy-MM-dd\";  ignoring."},
56      {"NO_PARENT_COMPONENTREF_FOUND", "no parent <tr:componentRef> found!"},
57      {"EVENT_DELIVERED_ALREADY_IN_DISCLOSURE_STATE", "Event {0} was delivered to a showDetail already in that disclosure state."},
58      {"NAME_ALREADY_REGISTERED", "Name \"{0}\" had already been registered."},
59      {"INDEX_ALREADY_REGISTERED", "Index \"{0}\" had already been registered."},
60      {"TYPE_ALREADY_LOCKED", "Type is already locked"},
61      {"CANNOT_FIND_PROPERTY", "Property \"{0}\" cannot be bound."},
62      {">KEY_CANNOT_BE_USED_FOR_LISTS", "Key {0} cannot be used for lists"},
63      {"KEY_IS_LIST_KEY", "Key {0} is a list key"},
64      {"DEFAULT_VALUE_IS_NOT_ASSIGNED_TO_TYPE", "Default value {0} is not assignable to type {1}"},
65      {"CAPABILITY_MASK_NOT_UNDERSTOOD", "Capability mask {0} not understood"},
66      {"INVALID_INDEX", "Invalid index"},
67      {"ATTEMPT_ADD_CHILD_WITH_DUPLICATE_ID", "Change manager failed to apply AddChildComponentChange because a child component with the same id already exists. {0}"},
68      {"NO_NODE_SPECIFIED", "No node specified"},
69      {"DONT_PERSIST_STAMPED_COMPONENT_INSIDE_ITERATOR", "We don\'t want to persist stamped component inside an iterator"},
70      {"COMPONENT_REQUIRED", "Component required"},
71      {"DOCUMENTFRAGMENT_REQUIRED", "DocumentFragment required"},
72      {"CANNOT_CONSTRUCT_ATTRIBUTECHANGE_WITH_NULL_NAME", "Cannot construct an AttributeChange with null attribute name."},
73      {"CANNOT_ADD_CHANGE_WITH_FACECONTEXT_OR_UICOMPONENT_OR_NULL", "Cannot add a Change with either of FacesContext, UIComponent or Change being null."},
74      {"REMOVED_DOC_CHANGE_BECAUSE_COMP_CHANGE_ADDED", "AttributeComponentChange for the attribute {1} on the component {2} was removed because an equivalent DocumentChange was added."},
75      {"CANNOT_CONSTRUCT_CHANGECOMPONENTPROXY_WITH_NULL_UICOMPONENT", "Cannot construct an ChangeComponentProxy with null UIComponent."},
76      {"TARGET_CLASS_NAME_MUST_BE_PROVIDED", "Target class name must be provided"},
77      {"CONVERTER_CLASS_NAME_MUST_BE_PROVIDED", "Converter class name must be provided"},
78      {"PARENT_CANNOT_BE_NULL", "Parent cannot be null"},
79      {"CANNOT_CONSTRUCT_REMOVECHILDCHANGE_WITH_NULL_ID", "Cannot construct a RemoveChildChange with null child id."},
80      {"CANNOT_CONSTRUCT_REMOVEFACETCHANGE_WITH_NULL_FACETNAME", "Cannot construct a RemoveFacetChange with null facetName."},
81      {"CANNOT_CONSTRUCT_REORDERCHANGE_WITH_NULL_ID", "Cannot construct a ReorderChange with null child ids."},
82      {"IDENTIFIER_TYPE_CANNOT_BE_NULL", "Identifier type cannot be null or empty string."},
83      {"CANNOT_CONSTRUCT_ADDFACETCHANGE_WITH_NULL_FACETNAME_FACETCOMPONENT", "Cannot construct an AddFacetChange with either of facetName or facetComponent being null."},
84      {"FACET_NAME_MUST_SPECIFIED", "Facet name must be specified"},
85      {"FACET_ALREADY_PRESENT", "Change manager failed to apply SetFacetChildComponentChange because a facet with the same name already exists. {0}"},
86      {"MOVABLE_CHILD_REQUIRED", "Child component to be moved is required."},
87      {"DESTINATION_CONTAINER_REQUIRED", "Destination container component is required if the component to move next to is not supplied."},
88      {"DESTINATION_CONTAINER_NOT_INSERTBEFORES_PARENT", "Destination container should be same as the parent of component to move next to."},
89      {"MOVE_PARTICIPANTS_WITHOUT_ID", "One or more of the participating components in MoveChildComponentChange does not have id."},
90      {"NO_CONTAINING_DOC_FOUND", "The supplied component {0} is not in the component tree."},
91      {"MOVE_PARTICIPANTS_NOT_IN_SAME_DOC", "Document change was not added because the participating components are not defined in the same document. The component being moved is in {0}, the parent into which it is to be moved is in {1} and common parent is in {2}."},
92      {"COMMON_PARENT_NOT_FOUND", "Could not find a common parent between the movable child and destination container: {0}."},
93      {"MOVABLE_CHILD_NOT_FOUND", "Child to be moved could not be found: {0}."},
94      {"DESTINATION_CONTAINER_NOT_FOUND", "Destination container could not be found: {0}."},
95      {"MOVABLE_CHILD_SAME_ID_FOUND", "A different component with same id was found in the destination container. Move operation aborted: {0}."},
96      {"INSERT_BEFORE_NOT_FOUND", "Insert before component or node could not be found: {0}."},
97      {"INDEX_SIZE", "index:{0} size:{1}"},
98      {"BAD_PHASEID", "Bad PhaseId:{0}"},
99      {"ILLEGAL_ID", "Illegal id: {0}"},
100     {"WRAPPEDEVENT", "wrappedEvent"},
101     {"RENDERINGCONTEXT_ALREADY_RELEASED_OR_NEVER_ATTACHED", "RenderingContext was already released or had never been attached."},
102     {"TRY_RELEASING_DIFFERENT_RENDERINGCONTEXT", "Trying to release a different RenderingContext than the current context."},
103     {"RELEASE_DIFFERENT_REQUESTCONTEXT_THAN_CURRENT_ONE", "Trying to release a different RequestContext than the current context."},
104     {"FACTORY_ALREADY_AVAILABLE_FOR_CLASS_LOADER", "Factory already available for this class loader."},
105     {"NULL_FACESCONTEXT_OR_UICOMPONENT", "FacesContext or UIComponent is null"},
106     {"PATTERN_MUST_HAVE_VALUE", "Patterns should contain at least one value and cannot be null"},
107     {"CANNOT_FORMAT_GIVEN_OBJECT_AS_COLOR", "Cannot format given Object as a Color"},
108     {"INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_NAME", "Invalid attribute name {0}"},
109     {"VALUE_IS_NOT_DATE_TYPE_IT_IS", "Value \"{0}\" is not of type java.util.Date, it is {1}"},
110     {"INVALID_DATE_STYLE", "Invalid date style \'\'{0}\'\'"},
111     {"INVALID_TIME_STYLE", "Invalid time style \'\'{0}\'\'"},
112     {"INVALID_TYPE", "Invalid type \'\'{0}\'\'"},
113     {"ILLEGAL_MESSAGE_ID", "Illegal message id unexpected value {0}"},
114     {"ILLEGAL_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_VALUE", "Illegal value for attribute \"type\" unexpected value {0}"},
115     {"EITHER_PATTERN_OR_TYPE_MUST_SPECIFIED", "Either \"pattern\" or \"type\" must be specified"},
116     {"VALUE_NOT_JAVA_LANG_NUMBER_TYPE", "\"value\" is not of type java.lang.Number"},
117     {"NOT_VALID_TYPE", "{0} is not a valid type"},
118     {"ILLEGAL_PATTERN_CHARACTER", "Illegal pattern character \'\'{0}\'\'"},
119     {"LOGGER_REQUIRED", "Logger required"},
120     {"LOGGER_NAME_REQUIRED", "Logger Name required"},
121     {"CLASS_REQUIRED", "Class required"},
122     {"PACKAGE_REQUIRED", "Package required"},
123     {"NULL_ROWDATA", "rowData is null"},
124     {"CANNOT_EXIT_ROOT_CONTAINER", "Cannot exit the root container"},
125     {"SETTING_ILLEGAL_VALUE", "Illegal value being set - value should be between -1 and maximum"},
126     {"CANNOT_CONVERT_INTO_MENUMODEL", "Could not convert {0} into a MenuModel"},
127     {"NULL_ROWKEY", "rowKey is null"},
128     {"NO_PATH_ELEMENT_TO_POP", "No Path element to pop"},
129     {"CANNOT_CLONE", "Could not clone"},
130     {"NO_ELEMENT_TO_REMOVE", "No element to remove"},
131     {"NULL_PROPERTY", "property is null"},
132     {"NULL_SORT_STRENGTH", "sort strength is null"},
133     {"INVALID_SORT_STRENGTH_PROPERTY", "Invalid sortStrength property value: {0}. The supported values are Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Identical."},
134     {"NO_MENUCONTENTHANDLER_REGISTERED", "No MenuContentHandler was registered."},
135     {"NO_RENDERINGCONTEXT", "No RenderingContext"},
136     {"RESOURCE_PATH_REGULAR_EXPRESSION_HAS_NO_LEADING_SLASH", "Resource path regular expression \"{0}\" does not have leading slash"},
137     {"FACTORY_ALREADY_AVAILABlE_FOR_THIS_CLASS_LOADER", "Factory already available for this class loader."},
138     {"SKIN_FACTORY_NO_RELOAD_SUPPORT", "There was an attempt to reload a SkinFactory implementation \"{0}\" that does not support reloading."},
139     {"SKIN_FACTORY_NO_CREATE_SKIN_SUPPORT", "There was an attempt to create skin from a SkinFactory implementation \"{0}\" that does not support it."},
140     {"BYTE_ARRAY_CANNOT_BE_NULL", "byte[] cannot be null"},
141     {"ACTUAL_LENGTH_OFFSET", "Actual Length:{0} offset:{1} length:{2}"},
142     {"FASTMESSAGEFORMAT_ONLY_SUPPORT_NUMERIC_ARGUMENTS", "FastMessageFormat only supports numeric arguments"},
143     {"END_OF_PATTERN_NOT_FOUND", "End of pattern not found"},
144     {"FASTMESSAGEFORMAT_FIND_EMPTY_ARGUMENT", "FastMessageFormat: empty argument - {} - found"},
145     {"BUNDLE_NOT_FOUND", "bundle not found"},
146     {"NULL_RESOURCEID", "resourceId is null"},
147     {"CANNOT_FIND_DEFAULT_FACESMESSAGE", "The default FacesMessage.FACES_MESSAGES cannot be found"},
148     {"NULL_FACESCONTEXT", "FacesContext is null"},
149     {"CUSTOM_MESSAGE_SHOULD_BE_VALUEBINDING_OR_STRING_TYPE", "custom message should be of type ValueBinding or String"},
150     {"PROVIDER_NOT_RETURN_IMPLEMENTING_OBJECT", "Provider {0} did not return an object implementing {1}"},
151     {"OBTAIN_NULL_RENDERKIT_WHILE_GETTING_SERVICE", "FacesContext.getRenderKit() returned null while trying to get the {0} service;  please check your configuration."},
152     {"ENCODING_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_JVM", "Encoding: {0} is unsupported by JVM"},
153     {"VALUE_IS_NOT_DATE_TYPE", "\'value\' is not of type java.util.Date"},
154     {"NULL_REGEXP_PATTERN", "Regular expression pattern is null"},
155     {"VIEW_TAG_NOT_PRESENT", "<f:view> was not present on this page; tag {0} encountered without an <f:view> being processed."},
156     {"RESOURCE_PATH_OUTSIDE_ROOT", "The resource path {0} contains \"..\" and it resolves to be outside the root directory, and that is insecure. Therefore the path is ignored."},
157     {"RESOURCE_PATH_DOTS", "The resource path {0} contains \"..\". Browsers resolve out the \"..\", so this is a suspicious path."},
158     {"VALIDATOR_FACTORY_UNAVAILABLE", "Could not build a default bean validator factory, therefore bean validation is disabled. Exception message is: {0}"},
159     {"DEPRECATED_RELATIVE_ID_SYNTAX", "Could not find the component with scopedId {0} from {1} with the supported syntax. The component was found with the deprecated syntax. Please use the supported syntax."},
160     {"UNSERIALIZABLE_VALUE", "Unserializable value:{0}"},
161     {"UNSERIALIZABLE_PROPERTY_VALUE", "Unserializable value:{0} for key:{1} in container:{2}"},
162     {"UNSERIALIZABLE_PROPERTY_VALUE_NO_CONTAINER", "Unserializable value:{0} for key:{1}"},
163     {"FAILED_SERIALIZATION_PROPERTY_VALUE", "Failed to serialize value:{0} for property key:{1} in container:{2}"},
164     {"FAILED_SERIALIZATION_PROPERTY_KEY", "Failed to serialize key:{0} in container:{1}"},
165     {"UNSERIALIZABLE_PROPERTY_KEY", "Unserializable key:{0} on container:{1}"},
166     {"COMPONENT_SAVED_STATE_FAILED", "Failed to save state for component:{0}"},
167     {"COMPONENT_CHILDREN_SAVED_STATE_FAILED", "Failed to save state for children of component:{0}"},
168     {"COMPONENT_TREE_SERIALIZATION_FAILED", "Failed to serialize component tree state"},
169     {"UNABLE_TO_SET_RENDER_PARAMETERS", "Unable ro set portlet render parameters due to failed reflection"},
170     {"COMPARETO_TYPE_MISMATCH", "The type for \"{0}\" prevents it from being compared to \"{1}\"."},
171     {"ZIP_STATE_FAILED", "Failed to zip the page state. The state must be serializable to be zipped, so a common reason the page state fails to zip is that the page state is not serializable.  You can turn off zipping by setting org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.COMPRESS_VIEW_STATE to false. See the doc about system property org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CHECK_STATE_SERIALIZATION for how to test various aspects of serialization."},
172     {"UNZIP_STATE_FAILED", "Failed to unzip the page state."},
173     {"INVALID_CALL_TO_GETCLIENTID", "getClientId should not be called while the view is being constructed. Component ID: {0}"},
174     {"ROWKEY_NOT_RESET", "row key might not be reset correctly at the end of the request. Component ID: {0} ViewId: {1}"},
175     {"COLLECTION_CHANGE_TEARDOWN", "The component change that was on the stack is not the required one to properly tear down the context of this component. The component tree is in an invalid state and further errors may result. Component ID: {0} Invalid component change: {1}"},
176     {"COLLECTION_NOT_IN_CONTEXT", "The row key or row index of a UIXCollection component is being changed outside of the component\'s context. Changing the key or index of a collection when the collection is not currently being visited, invoked on, broadcasting an event or processing a lifecycle method, is not valid. Data corruption and errors may result from this call. Turn on fine level logging for a stack trace of this call. Component ID: {0}"},
177     {"COMPONENT_ALREADY_IN_CHILDREN_ENCODING_CONTEXT", "setupChildrenEncodingContext called on a component that is already in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
178     {"COMPONENT_ALREADY_IN_CHILDREN_VISITING_CONTEXT", "setupChildrenVisitingContext called on a component that is already in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
179     {"COMPONENT_NOT_IN_CHILDREN_ENCODING_CONTEXT", "tearDownChildrenEncodingContext called on a component that is not in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
180     {"COMPONENT_NOT_IN_CHILDREN_VISITING_CONTEXT", "tearDownChildrenVisitingContext called on a component that is not in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
181     {"COMPONENT_ALREADY_IN_ENCODING_CONTEXT", "setupEncodingContext called on a component that is already in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
182     {"COMPONENT_ALREADY_IN_VISITING_CONTEXT", "setupVisitingContext called on a component that is already in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
183     {"COMPONENT_NOT_IN_ENCODING_CONTEXT", "tearDownEncodingContext called on a component that is not in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
184     {"COMPONENT_NOT_IN_VISITING_CONTEXT", "tearDownVisitingContext called on a component that is not in context. Client ID: {0}. Originally called by {1}."},
185     {"INVALID_CONTEXT_CHANGE_FOUND", "An unexpected component context change was found. This is due to components not correctly maintaining the context change stack. Expected change of type {0} for component {1} but received change {2}."},
186     {"TEMPDIR_CHANGED", "Cached temp directory doesn\'t match the current. Current temp directory: \"{0}\" Cached temp directory: \"{1}\""},
187     {"ILLEGAL_ENUM_VALUE", "No {0} enum constant for value \"{1}\"."},
188     {"ILLEGAL_NULL_ARGUMENT", "A non-null value must be specified for the {0} argument."},
189     {"UNEXPECTED_VERSION_VALUE", "Unable to parse version segment {0} of version string {1}."},
190     {"CANNOT_CREATE_DIRECTORY", "The directory {0} does not exist and cannot be created."},
191     {"DIRECTORY_NOT_WRITABLE", "The directory {0} exists, but is not writable."},
192     {"ILLEGAL_REQUEST_PARAMETER_VALUE", "\'{0}\' is not a valid value for request parameter \'{1}\'.  Valid values are: {2}"},
193     {"LISTVIEW_MODEL_NOT_TREEMODEL", "Tree operations can be done on the ListView component only if the model is a TreeModel. Please use a TreeModel with the ListView."},
194     {"POP_COMPONENT_BINDING_CONTEXT_FAILED", "Unable to pop out of a component binding context as a corresponding push never occurred."},
195     {"ERROR_PARSING_COMPONENT_TAG", "Error when processing tag for component with id: \"{0}\". The scoped id of the parent component is \"{1}\"."},
196     {"ERROR_CREATE_COMPONENT_STALE", "Detected reuse of component instance with scoped id \"{0}\" as it is already attached to the parent with scoped id \"{1}\", whereas its expected parent has a scoped id of \"{2}\". This error could occur when the component instance was retrieved from the component binding. If it helps the expression set on the binding attribute is \"{3}\"."},
197     {"INVALID_RESOURCE_SIZE", "Invalid resource size detected.  The resource at \'{0}\' appears to be {1} bytes, but URLConnection.getContentLength() for this resource reports {2}."},
198     {"RESOURCE_SIZE_CHANGED", "Resource size changed.  A new content length of {0} bytes has been detected for the resource {1}. Removing resource from cache."},
199     {"MULTIPLE_CONFIG_PROPERTY_PROVIDERS_FOUND", "Multiple PropertyValueProviders configured on the classpath, only one is allowed."},
200     {"NULL_CONFIG_PROPERTY_NAME", "Config property name can not be null."},
201     {"CONFIG_PROPERTY_SERVICE_NOT_INITIALIZED", "The config property service has not been initialized."},
202     };
203   }
204 }