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Tag Name: tr:convertColor>
Type: org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.Color
Converts an strings to and from java.awt.Color objects. The set of patterns used for conversion can be overriden.

Code Example(s)

<tr:inputColor id="sicConv" chooseId="cpConv"
  label="Enter or select color from palette below"
  <tr:convertColor  patterns="rrr-ggg-bbb #RRGGBB" transparentAllowed="false" />
<tr:chooseColor id="cpConv"


Name Type Supports EL? Description
disabled boolean Yes Default Value: false

Whether the converter should be disabled, default to false.
messageDetailConvert String Yes

Custom error message to be used, for creating detail part of faces message, when users input does not match the specified pattern.


  • {0} the label that identifies the component
  • {1} value entered by the user
  • {2} the pattern the converter is expecting
patterns String[] Yes The set of acceptable patterns, as a whitespace sepa rated list. The first pattern in the list will be used for formatting java.awt.Color values. All patterns will be tried in order to convert Strings back into java.awt.Colors. If no patterns are set, the default is "#RRGGBB r,g,b".
transparentAllowed boolean Yes Default Value: false

Whether the converter should allow generation of a " transparent" color (a black color with an alpha of zero). The converter uses a String version of "transparent" that is translated for the user's locale.