Package org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util

Interface Summary
CollectionUtils.MapMutationHooks<K,V> Interface for trapping mutations to a Map.
Reportable Interface for exceptions that tells whether the exception should be reported.
Service.Provider Inner interface that should be implemented if a class needs to provide services other than by the default approach.

Class Summary
ArrayMap<K,V> A Map implementation that stores its contents in a single array.
Base64InputStream An InputStream that decodes data from base64 representation into a binary format.
Base64OutputStream An OutputStream that encodes data in a base64 representation.
ClassLoaderUtils Utility methods for accessing classes and resources using an appropriate class loader.
CollectionUtils This class contains Collection utilities.
CollectionUtils.CompositeCollection<E> Note: Requires contents to be disjoint!
CollectionUtils.CompositeSet<E> Note: Requires contents to be disjoint!
CollectionUtils.LenientCompositeSet<E> Live composite set where both sets are allowed to be disjoint.
ComponentReference<T extends UIComponent> A utility to store a reference to an UIComponent.
ComponentUtils Utility functions used by the Apache Trinidad components.
ContainerUtils Utilities for the unified expression language.
ExternalContextUtils This provides some functionality for determining some things about the native request object that is not provided by the base utils.
FastMessageFormat The FastMessageFormat class is a greatly reduced version of the java.text.MessageFormat class.
IntegerUtils This class has been moved from bali share.
LabeledFacesMessage Extension to FacesMessage which keeps track of the label on the component that generated the message.
ListFromCollection Bean that can dynamically produce Lists from Collections.
MessageFactory Factory class to return FacesMessage objects.
RequestStateMap TODO: get rid of this object
Service API for retrieving a service from an object.
StringUtils This class contains String utilities.
ThreadLocalUtils Utility functions related to ThreadLocals.
ThreadLocalUtils.ThreadLocalLifecycle Integration interface implemented by an object that cleans up the ThreadLocals in a ThreadLocalManager with the specified lifetime.
ThreadLocalUtils.ThreadLocalManager Integration interface implemented by object holding onto ThreadLocals with a specified lifetime
TransientHolder<T> Holds an unserializable value in a transient variable so that unserializable Objects can be safely placed in distributed Sessions without blowing up.

Enum Summary
RequestType Represents the type of request currently in the ExternalContext.

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