Class ContainerUtils

  extended by org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util.ContainerUtils

public final class ContainerUtils
extends Object

Utilities for the unified expression language. Keeps Trinidad independent of a JSP 2.1 container, for example if Facelets are used.

Method Summary
static boolean isValueReference(String value)
          Return true if the specified string contains an EL expression.
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Method Detail


public static boolean isValueReference(String value)
Return true if the specified string contains an EL expression.

NOTICE This method is just a copy of UIComponentTag#isValueReference(String), but it's required because the class UIComponentTag depends on a JSP 2.1 container (for example, it indirectly implements the interface JspIdConsumer) and therefore internal classes shouldn't access this class. That's also the reason why this method is inside the class ContainerUtils, because it allows MyFaces to be independent of a JSP 2.1 container.

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