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static Selector Selector.createSelector(String selectorString)
          Given a String that represents the selector, return a Selector object

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Selector
 Set<Selector> Styles.getSelectorsForSimpleSelector(String simpleSelector)
          Given a simple selector (as opposed to a complex selector), this method will return a Set of the Selectors that contain the simple selector.
abstract  Map<Selector,Style> Styles.getSelectorStyleMap()
          Returns a Map containing the Selector Object as the key and the Style Object as the value.

Methods in with parameters of type Selector
abstract  String Styles.getNativeSelectorString(Selector selector)
          Returns the Selector in String form, converted to a format that is suitable to be written to the client (e.g., a css-2 format that can be read by a browser)

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