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Uses of ResourceLoader in org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.resource

Subclasses of ResourceLoader in org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.resource
 class AggregatingResourceLoader
          A resource loader implementation which combines multiple resources into a single stream.
 class CachingResourceLoader
          Base class for resource loaders.
 class ClassLoaderResourceLoader
          A resource loader implementation which loads resources using the context class loader.
 class DirectoryResourceLoader
          A resource loader implementation which loads resources from a directory.
 class DynamicResourceLoader
          A Dynamic Resource Loader that is capable of agregation and dynamic content via custom URLConnection objects.
 class ProxyResourceLoader
          A resource loader implementation that proxies another resource loader, controlling the URLConnection.
 class RegexResourceLoader
          A resource loader implementation which loads resources by pattern matching the requested resource path to a registered resource loader.
 class ServletContextResourceLoader
          A resource loader implementation which loads resources using the servlet context.
 class StringContentResourceLoader

Methods in org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.resource that return ResourceLoader
static ResourceLoader ResourceLoader.getNullResourceLoader()
          Returns the shared resource loader that always returns null.
protected  ResourceLoader ResourceLoader.getParent()
          Returns the parent resource loader, or null if this is a root resource loader.

Methods in org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.resource with parameters of type ResourceLoader
static String ResourceLoader.getContentType(ResourceLoader loader, URLConnection conn)
          Called by the ResourceServlet to get the content type for the given connection.
protected  void RegexResourceLoader.register(String regex, ResourceLoader loader)
          Registers a resource loader by regular expression.

Constructors in org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.resource with parameters of type ResourceLoader
AggregatingResourceLoader(String path, String[] paths, ResourceLoader target)
          Creates a new AggregatingResourceLoader.
AggregatingResourceLoader(String path, String[] paths, ResourceLoader target, ResourceLoader parent)
          Creates a new AggregatingResourceLoader.
CachingResourceLoader(ResourceLoader parent)
          Constructs a new CachingResourceLoader.
ClassLoaderResourceLoader(ResourceLoader parent)
          Constructs a new ClassLoaderResourceLoader with specified parent.
ClassLoaderResourceLoader(String rootPackage, ResourceLoader parent)
          Constructs a new root ClassLoaderResourceLoader with specified top level resource package and parent resource loader.
DirectoryResourceLoader(File directory, ResourceLoader parent)
          Constructs a new DirectoryResourceLoader.
DynamicResourceLoader(String path, ResourceLoader parent)
          Creates a CompositeResouceLoader for a specified path.
ProxyResourceLoader(ResourceLoader parent)
          Constructs a new ProxyResourceLoader with specified parent.
ResourceLoader(ResourceLoader parent)
          Constructs a new resource loader with specified parent resource loader.
ServletContextResourceLoader(javax.servlet.ServletContext context, ResourceLoader parent)
          Constructs a new ServletContextResourceLoader with specified parent resource loader.
StringContentResourceLoader(String path, ResourceLoader parent)

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