Package org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render

Interface Summary
ClientRowKeyManagerFactory A producer of ClientRowKeyManagers.
DialogRenderKitService Interface to be implemented by RenderKits that support the launching of dialogs.
ExtendedRenderKitService Service implemented by RenderKits that provide further support for per-page rendering actions, like including scripts global to a page or short-circuiting rendering altogether.
LifecycleRenderer LifecycleRenderer can be used to enhance the general component-renderer contract, by letting a renderer take over control of all child component hierarchy lifecycle phases.

Class Summary
ClientRowKeyManager This class manages server-side rowkey Objects with client-side string keys.
CoreRenderer Basic implementation of the core rendering functionality across render kits.
ExtendedRenderer TraversingRenderer enhances the general component renderer contract, to control all child component hierarchy traversal and local client id generation.
InternalView An InternalView is a view ID that is handled internally to the webapp, without (necessarily) dispatching to an external resource.
RenderUtils Generic utilities for rendering.
XhtmlConstants This class contains some useful constants for (X)HTML rendering.

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