Package org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.event

Interface Summary
AttributeChangeListener Listener for AttributeChangeEvents.
ChartDrillDownListener Listener for ChartDrillDownEvents.
DisclosureListener Listener for DisclosureEvents.
FocusListener Listener for FocusEvents.
LaunchListener Listener for LaunchEvents.
PollListener Listener for PollEvent.
RangeChangeListener Listener for RangeChangedEvents.
ReturnListener Listener for ReturnEvents.
RowDisclosureListener Listener for ExpansionEvents.
SelectionListener Listener for SelectEvents.
SortListener Listener for SortEvents.
WindowLifecycleListener A listener called when the Lifecyle of a Window changes.

Class Summary
AttributeChangeEvent Event delivered when a renderer-specific attribute has been changed as a result of user interaction.
ChartDrillDownEvent The Event generated when a Collection is to be sorted.
DisclosureEvent Event delivered when expanding or collapsing a component.
FocusEvent Event delivered when focusing on a node in a tree.
LaunchEvent Event delivered to indicate that a dialog is about to be launched.
PollEvent Event delivered when the poll component polls the server.
RangeChangeEvent A RangeChangeEvent is a notification that the range of the source component has been changed as a result of user interface activity.
ReturnEvent Event delivered when a dialog has returned.
RowDisclosureEvent Event that is generated when nodes are expanded or collapsed in a tree component.
RowKeySetChangeEvent Event that is generated when the contents of a RowKeySet changes.
SelectionEvent Event that is generated when the selection of a component changes.
SetActionListener ActionListener that supports getting a value from one binding and setting it on another.
SortEvent The Event generated when a Collection is to be sorted.
WindowEvent Represents an event delivered with a Window as the source.
WindowLifecycleEvent Event delivered when the LifecycleState of a Window changes.
WindowLifecycleNavigateEvent WindowLifecycleEvent delivered when the current window is being unloaded in order to navigate to a new location

Enum Summary
WindowLifecycleEvent.Cause What caused the delivery of the WindowLifecycleEvent.

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