Package org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.context

Interface Summary
Agent The Agent interface describes the client that is making the request that will display the rendered output.

Class Summary
AccessibilityProfile Specifies a set of accessibility-related properties that are applied to the current request.
ComponentContextChange Class that represents a change that is tied to a component in the component tree.
ComponentContextManager Interface that controls access to the stack of component context changes.
DialogService The DialogService API defines a number of APIs that are needed to implement Apache Trinidad dialogs, but will only rarely be called by page authors.
ExternalContextDecorator Base class for decorating ExternalContexts.
LocaleContext Context for locale-specific operations and properties available during rendering.
PageFlowScopeProvider Abstract implementation for code that provides page flow scopes; this may be overridden.
PageResolver A page resolver is responsible for determining the physical page to be used for a logical view ID.
PartialPageContext Context object which is used to track the targets of a partial page render during the Render Response phase.
RenderingContext The RenderingContext holds context information about the current rendering.
RequestContext Context class for all per-request and per-webapp information required by Trinidad.
RequestContextFactory Factory for creating RequestContext objects.
SuspendCallback Class to use with ComponentContextManager.partialSuspend(javax.faces.context.FacesContext, org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.context.SuspendCallback) to control how far into the context change stack to suspend to.
SuspendedContextChanges Marker class used to hold suspend context changes.
Version Immutable Representation of a dot-separated version.
Window Represents a Window in the current user's Session.
WindowManager Manages the set of Windows currently in the Session and allows listeners on the Windows' lifecycles to be registered.
WindowManagerFactory Application-scoped factory for creating per-Session WindowManager instances.

Enum Summary
AccessibilityProfile.ColorContrast Color contrast values
AccessibilityProfile.FontSize Font size values.
RequestContext.OutputMode Enumeration representing OutputModes
SuspendCallback.SuspendResult Return value for the SuspendCallback.getSuspendResult(ComponentContextChange) function to specify when to stop suspending the context change stack.
Window.LifecycleState Represents the current state of the Window.
Window.Usage Represents how the window is used in the application

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