Package org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component

Interface Summary
CollectionComponent Identifies a Paging component.
ComponentProcessor<T> Interface implemented to apply the visitor pattern to a set of components where the components are not necessarily siblings of each other.
DialogSource Extension of ActionSource for components that fire dialogs, and need to be notified when the dialog begins launching and completes.
FlattenedComponent Interface implemented by Components that don't render any content themselves but rather set up context before asking their children to render themselves.
UIXFacesBean Subinterface for FacesBeans that are used for the storage of a UIXComponent.

Class Summary
ComponentProcessingContext ProcessingContext passed to FlattenedComponents and ComponentProcessors representing the current component iteration context.
CompositeIterator<T> not thread safe, though it could be as thread-safe as the underlying Iterators at a slight cost to performance and size
FacesBeanWrapper Wrapper for FacesBean
HierarchyUtils utility methods for dealing with tree structures that do disclosure.
TableUtils utility methods for dealing with tables.
UIXChart The Apache Trinidad Chart is used to display data in a Chart Format.
UIXChoose Events:
UIXCollection Base class for components that do stamping.
UIXCollection.NoColumnFacetsVisitContext VisitContext implementation that doesn't visit any of the Facets of UIXColumn children.
UIXColumn This is base abstraction for column.
UIXCommand Events:
UIXComponent Pure abstract base class for all UIX components.
UIXComponentBase Base implementation of components for all of Trinidad.
UIXComponentRef This component inserts a component (defined by a separate page that starts with <tr:componentDef>) into the current page.
UIXDecorateCollection Events:
UIXDocument Events:
UIXEditableFacesBeanImpl UIXFacesBeanImpl subclass that implements the local value contract needed for ValueHolders.
UIXEditableValue Events:
UIXFacesBeanImpl FacesBeanImpl subclass that implements UIXFacesBean.
UIXForm Events:
UIXGo Events:
UIXGroup The group component is an invisible control that aggregates semantically-related children; the group itself has no associated client representation (visual or API).
UIXHierarchy Base class for components that take a TreeModel, which is a hierarchical model.
UIXInput Events:
UIXIterator UIXIterator is a component that performs iteration over its child components.
UIXMenu Signifies an element that can contain a series of UIXCommand components.
UIXMenuHierarchy Base class for the Menu component.
UIXMessage Events:
UIXMessages Events:
UIXNavigationHierarchy Base class for the Navigation component.
UIXNavigationLevel The navigationLevel component creates a series of navigation items representing one level in a navigation hierarchy.
UIXNavigationPath A navigationPath component is used in hierarchical site layouts to indicate the path back to the root page of the hierarchy with links.
UIXNavigationTree Apache Trinidad navigationTree components are used to display hierarchical navigation data.
UIXObject Events:
UIXOutput UIXOutput is a concrete base class for all Apache Trinidad output components that support type conversion.
UIXPage A Page component uses a MenuModel and a stamp to render navigation items.
UIXPanel Base class for components that provide layout for their children.
UIXPoll The poll component initiates poll to the server.
UIXProcess Signifies an element that represents a process and binds to a menuModel.
UIXProgress UIXProgress is a base abstraction for components that implement ActionSource and indicate the progress of tasks running in the server, typically navigating to a special page once the task is complete.
UIXReset Events:
UIXSelectBoolean Events:
UIXSelectInput selectInput is a base abstraction for components that allow both input and selection from a list of possible values.
UIXSelectItem Events:
UIXSelectMany UIXSelectMany is a base abstraction for components that allow selection of multiple of a series of selectItem controls, where order is not relevant.
UIXSelectOne UIXSelectOne is a base abstraction for components that allow selection of a single in a series of selectItem components.
UIXSelectOrder Events:
UIXSelectRange UIXSelectRange is a base abstraction for components that select a range, e.g, 5 - 10 of 50.
UIXShowDetail Events:
UIXShowMany showMany is the base abstraction for components that contain a group of showDetails and can display multiple at a time.
UIXShowOne showOne is the base abstraction for components that contains a group of showDetails, but displays one of them.
UIXSingleStep UIXSingleStep is a base abstraction for components that implement ActionSource and navigate back and forth through a sequence of known steps.
UIXSubform UIXSubform is the base abstraction for an independently submittable region of a page.
UIXSwitcher The switcher component dynamically decides which facet component should be rendered.
UIXTable Events:
UIXTree Apache Trinidad tree components are used to display hierarchical data.
UIXTreeTable The Apache Trinidad TreeTable is used to display data that is structured in a hierarchical format.
UIXValue Events:
WrapperEvent This class wraps a FacesEvent

Enum Summary
ComponentProcessingContext.ProcessingHint Hints to the the FlattenedComponents regarding what the flattened iteration is being used for, The FlattenedComponent may use this information to change its flattening behavior.

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