Package org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.core.nav

Class Summary
CoreBreadCrumbs A breadCrumbs component is used in hierarchical site layouts to indicate the path back to the root page of the hierarchy with links.
CoreCommandButton The commandButton control creates a button representation of a UIXCommand.
CoreCommandLink The commandLink control creates a link representation of a UIXCommand.
CoreCommandNavigationItem The commandNavigationItem control creates a navigation item representation of a UIXCommand.
CoreGoButton The goButton creates a push button that navigates directly to another location instead of delivering an action.
CoreGoLink The goLink component wraps its children inside of an HTML link.
CoreNavigationPane The navigationPane component creates a series of navigation items representing one level in a navigation hierarchy.
CoreNavigationTree The navigationTree is used to display navigation data that is structured in a hierarchical format.
CorePage The Page component is similar to the PanelPage component, except that instead of having navigation1, navigation2 and navigation3 facets for adding navigation item information, the user binds a model object and a stamp to render these areas.
CoreProcessChoiceBar ProcessChoiceBar is a UIXProcess component that renders a previous button, a choice bar, and a next button.
CoreSingleStepButtonBar SingleStepButtonBar renders a Previous button, text indicating the current step and the maximum steps, and a Next button.
CoreTrain Train is a UIXProcess component that renders a train.

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