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Uses of UIXPanel in org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.core.layout

Subclasses of UIXPanel in org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.core.layout
 class CorePanelAccordion
          The panelAccordion control can be used to display a group of contents belonging to a showDetailItem.
 class CorePanelBorderLayout
          The panelBorderLayout component is a layout element which lays out all of its children consecutively in its middle, and supports twelve other facets: top, bottom, left, right, start and end.
 class CorePanelBox
           The panelBox is used to place ancillary information on a page, offset by a certain color.
 class CorePanelButtonBar
          The panelButtonBar lays out a set of buttons.
 class CorePanelCaptionGroup
           The panelCaptionGroup is used to render a set of components, into a related and more managable grouping.
 class CorePanelFormLayout
           The panelFormLayout lays out input form controls, such that their labels and fields line up vertically.
 class CorePanelGroupLayout
          The panelGroupLayout control is a layout element that arranges its children in one of a few simple patterns.
 class CorePanelHeader
           The panelHeader control places a label and optional icon at the top of a section.
 class CorePanelHorizontalLayout
          The panelHorizontalLayout control is a layout element that arranges its children horizontally.
 class CorePanelLabelAndMessage
           This component lays out a label, children, tip, and associated message.
 class CorePanelList
 class CorePanelPage
          PanelPage lays out an entire page.
 class CorePanelPageHeader
          PanelPageHeader lays out the top portion of a page.
 class CorePanelPopup
           The panelPopup is used to place ancillary information on a page, made visible via a clickable link (e.g icon or link).
 class CorePanelSideBar
           The panelSideBar control renders a side navigation bar.
 class CorePanelTip
           The panelTip Component provides a container for page or section level hints to the user.

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