Interface UIXFacesBean

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UIXEditableFacesBeanImpl, UIXFacesBeanImpl

public interface UIXFacesBean
extends FacesBean

Subinterface for FacesBeans that are used for the storage of a UIXComponent.

Nested Class Summary
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Method Summary
 void init(UIXComponent component, FacesBean.Type type)
          Initialize a UIXFacesBean with a specific component and type.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.bean.FacesBean
addAll, addEntry, bindingKeySet, clearInitialState, containsEntry, entries, getEntries, getLocalProperty, getProperty, getRawProperty, getType, getValueBinding, getValueExpression, initialStateMarked, keySet, markInitialState, removeEntry, restoreState, saveState, setProperty, setValueBinding, setValueExpression

Method Detail


void init(UIXComponent component,
          FacesBean.Type type)
Initialize a UIXFacesBean with a specific component and type.

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