Interface CollectionComponent

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CoreBreadCrumbs, CoreNavigationPane, CoreNavigationTree, CorePage, CoreProcessChoiceBar, CoreTable, CoreTrain, CoreTree, CoreTreeTable, UIXHierarchy, UIXMenuHierarchy, UIXNavigationHierarchy, UIXNavigationLevel, UIXNavigationPath, UIXNavigationTree, UIXPage, UIXProcess, UIXTable, UIXTree, UIXTreeTable

public interface CollectionComponent
extends RowKeyIndex

Identifies a Paging component. Components that page, have a starting index (see getFirst()) and the number of rows to show on a single page (see getRows()).

Method Summary
 int getFirst()
 int getRows()
 String getVar()
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.RowKeyIndex
areRowsAvailable, areRowsAvailable, areRowsAvailable, getRowCount, getRowData, getRowData, getRowData, getRowIndex, getRowKey, isRowAvailable, isRowAvailable, isRowAvailable, setRowIndex, setRowKey

Method Detail


String getVar()


int getRows()


int getFirst()

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