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Apache MyFaces Trinidad 1.0.3 Release Notes


Release Notes


  • Added tr:panelCaptionGroup component to render HTML fieldset/legend content groups.
  • A new addDomReplaceListener() method on the page Javascript object lets a developer receive notification when DOM is replaced by PPR.
  • A new "mode" attribute on tr:document and trh:html lets you force Trinidad to enable "quirks" mode or to a "strict" DTD. By default, Trinidad still renders with a transitional DTD but with standards-mode rendering. Note: "strict" mode does not currently change how Trinidad renders - it simply swaps the DTD.
  • The "toolbar" facet is now supported on showDetailItems in panelAccordion.
  • A new accessibility "profile" API has been added as a companion to the existing accessibility "mode". The accessibility profile API provides support for finer-grained accessibility preferences than can be supported by a mode-based API. The first two accessibility profile preferences are "high-contrast", for users who prefer high contrast styles/content, and "large-fonts", for users who prefer larger/scalable fonts. The accessibility profile value can be specified/bound in trinidad-config.xml via the new <accessibility-profile> element. Trinidad skinning has been enhanced to allow accessibility profile-specific styles/icons to be specified via within @accessibility-profile blocks. Accessibility profile information can be accessed at runtime (eg. from within a Renderer) via the new RequestContext/RenderingContext.getAccessibilityProfile() APIs.

Changes from previous release

  • In previous releases, @agent/@platform constrains in skin definitions were not applied to icons. That is, icons which appeared within @agent/@platform objects were registered globally and were not constrained to any particular agent/platform. This is no longer the case. @agent/@platform constraints are now honored for both styles and icons, making it possible to define agent/platform-specific icons.
  • In previous releases, when you change a skinning css file, the change is reflected in the running application on refresh. To aid in performance, this is now a configuration option that defaults to false -- do not check for css file modifications. The web.xml configuration parameter org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CHECK_FILE_MODIFICATION is used. Set this to true if you want your skinning css file changes to be reflected without stopping/starting the server.
  • The style name for skinning the root of a panelAccordion has changed from "af|panelAccordion::container" to "af|panelAccordion".
  • The xOffset/yOffset attributes of panelPopup have been renamed to xoffset/yoffset.
  • A final decode method override has been added to CoreRender. This is to ensure that the client behaviors are correctly decoded in JSF 2. The method has been made final to ensure that it will be caused to avoid bugs. Any subclasses of CoreRenderer that override the decode method will need to switch to the new non-final method with the signature protected void decode(FacesContext, UIComponent, FacesBean, String).



  • Partial-page rendering should now be much more efficient, as many portions of the page that are not being rerendered can be skipped entirely.
  • UIXComponentBase.getClientId() now implements the same caching behavior that is provided by UIComponentBase. The client id is computed and cached the first time that getClientId() is called. The cached value is retained until any subsequent call to setId(). This caching behavior can result in a significant performance boost, particularly for views with large/deep component trees. (See the org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CLIENT_ID_CACHING system property for more information.)

New Features




Please see the FAQ for help.

Supported Platforms

Trinidad is currently supported on the following user agents. We'd very much like to add additional platforms to this list - omission doesn't mean it that it doesn't work, just that it hasn't been tested. (NOTE: PDA support is definitely longer than just this list - Blackberry support was recently added. A separate table of PDA support should be added once that's been gathered.)

User Agents Windows Mac OS X Red Hat Linux Windows Mobile Palm OS
Internet Explorer 6.0* - - 2003+ -
Mozilla 1.7.x 1.7.x 1.7.x - -
Firefox 1.0.x 1.0.x 1.0.x - -
Safari - 1.3, 2.0** - - -
WebPro (Mobile) - - - - 3.0

* Accessibility and BiDi is only supported on IE on Windows.
** Apple bug fixes provided in Safari 1.3 patch 312.2 and Safari 2.0 patch 412.5 required.