Package org.apache.myfaces.webapp.filter

Class Summary
ExtensionsFilter This filter provides a number of functions that many tomahawk components require.
JavaScriptDetectorFilter Filter to handle javascript detection redirect.
PortletUtils This class is used to hold some utilities used by tomahawk in portlet environments.
ServeResourcePhaseListener This listener is used for serve resources, as a replacement of ExtensionsFilter serve resources feature.
TomahawkFacesContextFactory The objective of this factory is this: Wrap a multipart request (used for t:inputFileUpload), so the request could be correctly decoded. If a buffered instance of AddResource is configured, ExtensionsFilter must buffer and add the resource reference to the head of jsf pages (for example when it is used DefaultAddResource)
TomahawkFacesContextWrapper This class acts as an alternative to ExtensionsFilter feature.
WelcomeFileFilter Due to the manner in which the JSP / servlet lifecycle functions, it is not currently possible to specify default welcome files for a web application and map them to the MyFacesServlet.
WelcomeFileHandler DOCUMENT ME!

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