Package org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util

Interface Summary
AddResource This interface defines methods necessary to render links to resources used by custom components.
ResourceHandler Represents a single resource that a component in a page needs a browser to fetch.
ResourceLoader A class which can interpret the URI generated by a corresponding ResourceHandler implementation, locate that resource and write it to the servlet response stream.
ResourceProvider A class which can provide the resource itself

Class Summary
AddResource2 This call work as a base class to implement instances of AddResource.
AddResourceFactory This class provides the ability to instantiate AddResource objects.
AutoScrollPhaseListener This Phase listener is necessary for the autoscroll feature.
DefaultAddResource This is a utility class to render link to resources used by custom components.
DefaultResourceProvider A class which provide the resource using the standard class.getResource lookup stuff.
DummyFormRequestInfo Convenient class to store whether a dummyForm needs to be rendered and its params.
DummyFormUtils Many JSF components can be used without an enclosing h:form.
ExtensionsPhaseListener This phase listener puts in the request the javascript code needed to render the dummyForm and the autoscroll feature.
HtmlBufferResponseWriterWrapper A buffer for content which should not directly be rendered to the page.
MyFacesResourceHandler A ResourceHandler which always generates URLs that trigger the MyfacesResourceLoader to load resources from the classpath relative to some Tomahawk class.
MyFacesResourceLoader A ResourceLoader capable of fetching resources from the classpath, but only for classes under package org.apache.myfaces.custom.
ReducedHTMLParser A class which detects the open/close tags in an HTML document and reports them to a listener class.

Exception Summary
ResourceLoader.ClosedSocketException Define an exception for reporting when a client requests a resource, but then closes its socket before we finish sending it.

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