Class AbstractHtmlCommandSortHeader

  extended by javax.faces.component.UIComponent
      extended by javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase
          extended by javax.faces.component.UICommand
              extended by javax.faces.component.html.HtmlCommandLink
                  extended by org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext.AbstractHtmlCommandLink
                      extended by org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext.HtmlCommandLink
                          extended by org.apache.myfaces.custom.sortheader.AbstractHtmlCommandSortHeader
All Implemented Interfaces:
javax.faces.component.ActionSource, javax.faces.component.StateHolder, ForceIdAware, UserRoleAware

public abstract class AbstractHtmlCommandSortHeader
extends org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext.HtmlCommandLink

Clickable sort column header. Must be nested inside an extended data_table tag. This tag is derived from the standard command_link tag and has the additional attributes columnName and arrow. Note: In contrast to normal command links, the default for the "immediate" attribute is "true". This is desirable as it avoids validating all input fields in the enclosing form when the column sort order changes. HOWEVER when the table contains input components "immediate" must be set to false; otherwise input fields will render blank after a sort, or will show their old values (ie will not appear to sort though output fields in the table will sort) when sort ordering is changed. Unless otherwise specified, all attributes accept static values or EL expressions.

$Revision: 691856 $ $Date: 2008-09-03 21:40:30 -0500 (Wed, 03 Sep 2008) $
Manfred Geiler (latest modification by $Author: lu4242 $)

Field Summary
static String COMPONENT_TYPE
Fields inherited from interface org.apache.myfaces.component.UserRoleAware
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void broadcast(javax.faces.event.FacesEvent event)
 org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext.HtmlDataTable findParentDataTable()
abstract  String getColumnName()
          The name of this column.
abstract  String getPropertyName()
          The property name associated with this column.
abstract  boolean isArrow()
          Indicates whether an arrow, that shows the sort direction should be rendered.
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Field Detail


public static final String COMPONENT_TYPE
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public static final String COMPONENT_FAMILY
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public static final String DEFAULT_RENDERER_TYPE
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractHtmlCommandSortHeader()
Method Detail


public void broadcast(javax.faces.event.FacesEvent event)
               throws javax.faces.event.AbortProcessingException
broadcast in class javax.faces.component.UICommand


public org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext.HtmlDataTable findParentDataTable()


public abstract String getColumnName()
The name of this column. This name must uniquely identify this column among all other (sortable) columns in the same data_table. The sortColumn attribute of the embedding data_table reflects the current sort column (see extended data_table).


public abstract String getPropertyName()
The property name associated with this column. This name must be one of the properties of the row object by which the sorting should be performed. The sortProperty attribute of the embedding data_table reflects the current sort property (see extended data_table).


public abstract boolean isArrow()
Indicates whether an arrow, that shows the sort direction should be rendered. Default: false

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