Package org.apache.myfaces.custom.dojo

Interface Summary
DojoResourceLoader Resource loader for the dojo lib javascripts
DojoWidget Basic dojo interface which has to implement certain methods regarding the dojo widgets for now the interfaces are very limited and only have to implement the variable binding properties

Class Summary
DojoConfig Dojo configuration holder helper this is a helper class to generate a dojo configuration if a null value is set the toString ignores the djconfig the toString method generates a full djconfig Warning if you adjust the dojo config params do it before rendering because this stuff is shared in the request as a singleton value in normal circumstances! (unless you want to influence the dojo config seriously afterwards please, follow this guideline use the decode phase or something similar if not available)
DojoInitializer Default component for the dojo intializer
This component is purely non visual, and serves for quick hacking, and prototyping the dojo toolkit within verbatimed html.
DojoInitializerRenderer Dojointializerrenderer
DojoUtils Utils class for the dojo infrastructure to ease the component building mechanisms note this class uses its own double entries filter due to the fact that we can mix and match header and body scripts as needed (we do not want to lose portal functionality do we?)

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