Package org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractHtmlCommandButton Extends standard commandButton by user role support.
AbstractHtmlCommandLink Extends standard commandLink by user role support and the HTML target attribute.
AbstractHtmlDataTable The MyFacesDataTable extends the standard JSF DataTable by two important features:
Possiblity to save the state of the DataModel. Support for clickable sort headers (see SortHeader component).
Extended data_table that adds some additional features to the standard data_table action: see attribute descriptions for preserveDataModel, sortColumn, sortAscending and preserveSort.
AbstractHtmlGraphicImage Extends standard graphicImage.
AbstractHtmlInputHidden Extended version of HtmlInputHidden that provides additional MyFaces functionality.
AbstractHtmlInputSecret Extends standard inputSecret, adding the "redisplay" property.
AbstractHtmlInputText Extends standard inputText by user role support.
AbstractHtmlInputTextarea Extends standard inputTextarea by user role support.
AbstractHtmlMessage MyFaces extension to the standard messages tag: see summaryDetailSeparator attribute.
AbstractHtmlMessages MyFaces extension to the standard messages tag: see showInputLabel attribute.
AbstractHtmlOutputLabel Extends standard outputLabel with user role support.
AbstractHtmlOutputText Extends standard outputText with user role support.
AbstractHtmlPanelGrid Extends standard panelGrid with user role support.
AbstractHtmlPanelGroup Extends standard panelGroup with user role support.
AbstractHtmlSelectBooleanCheckbox Extends standard selectBooleanCheckbox with user role support.
AbstractHtmlSelectManyCheckbox Extends standard selectManyCheckbox with user role support.
AbstractHtmlSelectManyListbox Extends standard selectManyListbox with user role support.
AbstractHtmlSelectManyMenu Extends standard selectManyMenu with user role support.
AbstractHtmlSelectOneListbox Extends standard selectOneListbox with user role support.
AbstractHtmlSelectOneMenu Extends standard selectOneMenu with user role support.
AbstractHtmlSelectOneRadio Implements the standard html selectOneRadio tag, with additional features.
BaseSortableModel BaseSortableModel provides a DataModel that is automatically sorted by the specified Comparator.
HtmlDataTableHack Reimplement all UIData functionality to be able to have (protected) access the internal DataModel.

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