Project Documentation

Migration from Tobago 2.0 to 3.0 (work in progress)

JSP: JavaServer Pages are no longer supported. You need to migrate to Facelets as VDL. You may do that before migrating to Tobago 3.0.

CSS: box-sizing: changed from content-box to border-box

tc:time -> tc:date You need to set the <f:convertDateTime type="time"> inside the <tc:date>.

ActionListenerImpl: Class is no longer present, you should use a JSF 2 exception handler instead.

Replace all <tc:cell> with <tc:panel>

If you have own renderer classes: The API of

replacing tx with tc

<tx:in label="a" fieldId="b" id="c" />

will be transformed to this

<tc:in label="a" id="b or c" /> (if b is set use b otherwise use c)

There is a little conflict between the "label" attribute used in the JSF spec. and the Tobago tx: label: Tobago means it should be displayed, and JSF spec. means that this should be used to display messages. In most cases there is no issue for that. But for the case that the application need a message label, but should not be displayed we need a new attribute:

(preliminary) "labelPosition" or "labelLayout" with value "none" With this attribute we may advise the renderer also the position of the label. Or, using an attribute "renderLable"...

Removing tc:cell tag, please use tc:panel instead, if needed.

- simplify (flowLayout, flexLayout, segmentLayout):

<tc:flowLayout> ... content ... </tc:flowLayout>

instead of

<tc:panel> <f:facet name="layout"> <tc:flowLayout/> </f:facet> ... content ... </tc:panel>

tc:image has no longer the attributes width and height, please use a tc:style child tag instead.

Introducing enums instead of constant classes

Some static utils classes are migrated to Java enums.

  • If using org.apache.myfaces.tobago.component.Attributes you may use the enum value instead of the String contant.

No longer supported

Because of the changed layout model (no longer on the server, but with browser CSS) there a some classes, methods and parameters removed.

  • AbstractUIPage.getActionPosition()
  • AbstractUIPage.setActionPosition()
  • class Box
  • class Dimension
  • class Position
  • ClientProperties.pageWidth
  • ClientProperties.pageHeight
  • <tc:gridLayoutConstraint> -> <tc:style>

If using <tc:page> with the attributes state, width, height: remove the attributes