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Migration from Tobago 1.0 to 1.5

Tobago 1.5 has a lot of changes compared to Tobago 1.0.

The good news: Most of these changes are made internally in Tobago. If you use Tobago, you don't have to change too much.

The amount of things you have to change in your application depends on how do you use it. On the Tobago Tag Library are very few changes made. On the Tobago Java Classes and the Themes are more changes. Here you can see which changes has been made.


There are also @Deprecated annotations in the code and some logging warning when using deprecated code via the Deprecation logging category. Before migrating you should check your application about that.

For the migration phase you may add the tobago-deprecation.jar as dependency to your project. It contains classes that has been moved (e. g. to the new internal package) or removed. So you can resolve any migration steps step by step. It is not recommended to use the tobago-deprecation.jar for production.


The new internal package contains classes that should not be used directly in an application. This classes may change in minor revisions without announcement. Classes in the renderkit package a handled in the same manner.

Tag Library

The main changes in the tag library are

deprecated replacement
tc:menuCheckbox tx:menuCheckbox
tc:menuItem tc:menuCommand
tc:message tc:messages

In tc:sheet the default for rows has been changed from 100 to 0, which means "unlimited".

For JSP and the tx: library all id attributes have to be renamed to fieldId. This is to adjust the JSP library to the Facelet library.

The tree tag tc:tree has changed comprehensive. Please check the documentation and demo examples.

The type attribute of commands has been removed. It is no longer needed, when using action, onclick or link.

Layout Manager

On of the basic changes in Tobago 1.5 is the reimplementation of the layout manager. The usage if it, has only been changed a bit. The most important is that the constraints will be set with the tc:gridLayoutConstraint tag. The tc:cell tag is deprecated now. Spans can be set directly into the component with the tc:gridLayoutConstraint tag.

The keyword "fixed" has been renamed to "auto".

UIComponent Classes

Some of the UIComponent classes has been renamed or restructured, to get a consistent naming schema. The used UIComponents where generated and have super classes with an "Abstract" as prefix. All getters and setters are generated in the UIComponent classes. The following code will not work in 1.5 uiComponent.getAttributes().remove("attributeName"). Please set the value to null.


old name new name
divided org.apache.myfaces.tobago.component.UISelectOne org.apache.myfaces.tobago.internal.component.AbstractUISelectOneBase

Naming Container

UITab is now a naming container, so you may have to change ids of AJAX calls in your application.

Other API Classes

old name new name
moved org.apache.myfaces.tobago.OnComponentCreated org.apache.myfaces.tobago.component.OnComponentCreated
moved org.apache.myfaces.tobago.component.ComponentUtil org.apache.myfaces.tobago.util.ComponentUtils
moved org.apache.myfaces.tobago.renderkit.RenderUtil org.apache.myfaces.tobago.renderkit.util.RenderUtils
renamed org.apache.myfaces.tobago.renderkit.html.HtmlRendererUtil org.apache.myfaces.tobago.renderkit.html.util.HtmlRendererUtils

Themes and CSS

Note: This effects your application only, when you've written your own theme, or using this classes in a separate style file.

The basic changes in CSS are:

  1. Using CSS 2.1 compliant content box model instead of Quirks mode border box model.
  2. Changed HTML structure for some components.

    The CSS class name schema has been revised. See the JavaDoc of the Classes class to check the naming schema.

    old name new name
    renamed tobago-tagName-default tobago-tagName
    renamed tobago-tagName-error tobago-tagName-markup-error
    renamed tobago-tagName-required tobago-tagName-markup-required
    renamed tobago-tagName-readonly tobago-tagName-markup-readonly
    renamed tobago-tagName-disabled tobago-tagName-markup-disabled
    renamed tree-junction tobago-treeNode-junction
    renamed tree-* tobago-treeNode-*
    renamed tobago-input-picker tobago-datePicker-icon
    renamed tobago-popup-iframe tobago-popup-ie6bugfix
    renamed tobago-textArea-* tobago-textarea-*
    renamed tobago-progress-color1-* tobago-progress-value-*
    deleted tobago-progress-color2-*


The JavaScript API has been refactored. Most application do not use the Tobago JavaScript API directly. But if it does, you have to apply some changes.

The most important things, is the additional first parameter on the submitting functions to compute the position of the action element.

If you are using submitAction() in the old code, you have to add the action element or just null. If you are using submitAction2() in the old code, you have to rename it to submitAction().

added first parameter and put all parameters after the second to an options map submitAction()
renamed submitAction2() submitAction()
added first parameter openPopupWithAction()
renamed openPopupWithAction2() openPopupWithAction()
added first parameter reloadComponent()
renamed reloadComponent2() reloadComponent()
added first parameter Updater.update()
renamed Updater.update2() Updater.update()
added first parameter Sheet.reloadWithAction()
renamed Sheet.reloadWithAction2() Sheet.reloadWithAction()
added first parameter TabGroup.reloadWithAction()
renamed TabGroup.reloadWithAction2() TabGroup.reloadWithAction()


To define an own theme, please use now a file tobago-config.xml instead of tobago-theme.xml. The content of tobago-theme.xml is a subset of the tobago-config.xml, you have only to change the root node.

Please use the tobago-config-1.5.xsd to validate the configuration.

Own Components and Renderers

The renderers must now declared inside the faces-config.xml.

For the Tobago classes, this will be generated at compile time from annotations like in e. g. org.apache.myfaces.tobago.internal.taglib.component.BoxTagDeclaration.