Project Documentation

Howto create QUnit tests for Tobago Demo 3.0 or higher

  1. Choose a <sample>.xhtml file for testing.
  2. Create a <sample>.test.js file (with same name).
  3. Add a QUnit test to the <sample>.test.js.
      QUnit.test("Testtitle", function(assert) {
    1. The test will run in a different frame. To get an element in the test frame use jQueryFrame() instead of jQuery().
    2. To wait for a submit use jQuery("#page\:testframe").load().
    3. To wait for an AJAX event use waitForAjax(waitingDone, executeWhenDone). The function waitingDone must return false if still waiting and true if the waiting is done. The function executeWhenDone is executed afterwards.
  4. Add the test to QUnitTests.
      public void testname() throws UnsupportedEncodingException, InterruptedException {
        String page = "content/.../testname.xhtml";
  5. Run the tests from QUnitTests or type
      mvn verify -Pqunit-integration-tests