Interface HasAction

All Known Subinterfaces:
AbstractCommandTagDeclaration, ButtonTagDeclaration, CommandTagDeclaration, LinkTagDeclaration, MenuCommandTagDeclaration, MenuItemTagDeclaration, SelectBooleanCommandTagDeclaration, SelectOneCommandTagDeclaration, SheetPageCommandTagDeclaration, TabGroupTagDeclaration, ToolBarCommandTagDeclaration, ToolBarSelectBooleanTagDeclaration, ToolBarSelectOneTagDeclaration, TreeCommandTagDeclaration, TreeMenuCommandTagDeclaration

public interface HasAction

Method Summary
 void setAction(String action)
          Action to invoke when clicked.

Method Detail


void setAction(String action)
Action to invoke when clicked. This must be a MethodBinding or a String representing the application action to invoke when this component is activated by the user. The MethodBinding must evaluate to a public method that takes no parameters, and returns a String (the logical outcome) which is passed to the NavigationHandler for this application. The string is directly passed to the navigation handler.

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