Interface HasResource

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AbstractCommandTagDeclaration, ButtonTagDeclaration, CommandTagDeclaration, LinkTagDeclaration, MenuCheckboxTagDeclaration, MenuCommandTagDeclaration, MenuRadioTagDeclaration, MenuSelectBooleanTagDeclaration, MenuSelectOneTagDeclaration, ToolBarCommandTagDeclaration, ToolBarSelectBooleanTagDeclaration, ToolBarSelectOneTagDeclaration
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AbstractCommandTag, ButtonTag, CommandTag, DatePickerTag, LinkTag, MenuCheckboxExtensionTag, MenuCheckboxTag, MenuCommandTag, MenuRadioExtensionTag, MenuRadioTag, MenuSelectBooleanTag, MenuSelectOneTag, SelectBooleanCommandTag, SelectOneCommandTag, ToolBarCommandTag, ToolBarSelectBooleanTag, ToolBarSelectOneTag

public interface HasResource

Method Summary
 void setJsfResource(java.lang.String jsfResource)
          Flag indicating that the resource referenced by the resource attribute is a jsf resource.
 void setResource(java.lang.String resource)
          Link to an internal resource.

Method Detail


void setResource(java.lang.String resource)
Link to an internal resource. Resources will be processed by the resource management. E. g. define help.html and it will be served help_es.html or help_de.html if available. For JSF-Pages you have to set the jsfResource attribute.

resource - The internal resource.
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void setJsfResource(java.lang.String jsfResource)
Flag indicating that the resource referenced by the resource attribute is a jsf resource. That means that the url has to be processed to change the prefix or suffix (e. g. *.jsf or /faces/*). Default is false.

jsfResource - Is the Resource a JSF page or not?

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