Class DateFormatUtils

  extended by org.apache.myfaces.tobago.util.DateFormatUtils

public class DateFormatUtils
extends Object

This code is taken from myfaces core. TODO: Should be sharable (e.g. myfaces-commons).

User: lofwyr Date: 06.11.2006 17:20:29

Method Summary
static String findPattern(DateTimeConverter converter)
          Find a pattern for the converter.
static DateFormat getDateFormat(String type, String dateStyle, String timeStyle, Locale locale)
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Method Detail


public static String findPattern(DateTimeConverter converter)
Find a pattern for the converter. Returns the pattern inside the converter, if any. Otherwise compute the pattern.

the patter or null, if DateFormat.getDateInstance() returns no SimpleDateFormat.


public static DateFormat getDateFormat(String type,
                                       String dateStyle,
                                       String timeStyle,
                                       Locale locale)

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