Package org.apache.myfaces.shared.util

Class Summary
ArrayUtils Utility class for managing arrays
BiLevelCacheMap A bi-level cache based on HashMap for caching objects with minimal sychronization overhead.
ClassLoaderExtension Extends the existing with a new loading mechanism
ClassLoaderUtils Utility methods for accessing classes and resources using an appropriate class loader.
CommentUtils This class contains utility methods to detect special cases to be handled on "script" or "style" tags by HtmlResponseWriterImpl.
ExceptionUtils Various helpers to deal with exception
ExternalContextUtils This provides some functionality for determining some things about the native request object that is not provided by the base utils.
FastWriter StringWriter cannot be reused without create a new object over and over.
MessageUtils Utility class to support multilingual FacesMessages using ResourceBundles.
MyFacesClassLoader Custom ClassLoader that sets the current Thread's context ClassLoader as parent ClassLoader and uses the parent ClassLoader, myfaces-api and myfaces-impl ClassLoaders to locate Resources and Classes.
MyFacesObjectInputStream Tried to deploy v0.4.2 on JBoss 3.2.1 and had a classloading problem again.
NullEnumeration Enumeration without elements
NullIterator<T> Iterator without elements
ParametrizableFacesMessage This class encapsulates a FacesMessage to evaluate the label expression on render response, where f:loadBundle is available
StateUtils This Class exposes a handful of methods related to encryption, compression and serialization of the view state.
StringUtils Implements utility functions for the String class
WebConfigParamUtils Utility class to handle web config parameters

Enum Summary
RequestType Represents the type of request currently in the ExternalContext.

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