Package org.apache.myfaces.shared.util

Class Summary
_ComponentUtils Deprecated. use RendererUtils instead
ArrayUtils Utility class for managing arrays
BiLevelCacheMap A bi-level cache based on HashMap for caching objects with minimal sychronization overhead.
ExceptionUtils Various helpers to deal with exception
MessageUtils Utility class to support multilingual FacesMessages using ResourceBundles.
MyFacesObjectInputStream Tried to deploy v0.4.2 on JBoss 3.2.1 and had a classloading problem again.
NullEnumeration Enumeration without elements
NullIterator Iterator without elements
ParametrizableFacesMessage This class encapsulates a FacesMessage to evaluate the label expression on render response, where f:loadBundle is available
StateUtils This Class exposes a handful of methods related to encryption, compression and serialization.
StringUtils Implements utility functions for the String class

Exception Summary

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