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Tag name: <s:timedNotifier>
UIComponent class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.timednotifier.TimedNotifier
Tag class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.timednotifier.TimedNotifierTag
Component type: org.apache.myfaces.TimedNotifier
Component family: javax.faces.Output
Renderer type: org.apache.myfaces.TimedNotifierRenderer
Renderer class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.timednotifier.TimedNotifierRenderer

Displays a timed notifier tag

Supported Facets

Name Required Description
confirm false
content false


Name Type Supports EL? Description
binding org.apache.myfaces.custom.timednotifier.TimedNotifier Only EL Identifies a backing bean property (of type UIComponent or appropriate subclass) to bind to this component instance. This value must be an EL expression.
confirmationMessage String Yes confirmation message to be displayed
converter javax.faces.convert.Converter Yes An expression that specifies the Converter for this component.

The value can either be a static value (ID) or an EL expression. When a static id is specified, an instance of the converter type registered with that id is used. When this is an EL expression, the result of evaluating the expression must be an object that implements the Converter interface.

disabled Boolean Yes HTML: When true, this element cannot receive focus.
hideDelay Integer Yes Delay to being visible
id String Yes Get a string which uniquely identifies this UIComponent within the scope of the nearest ancestor NamingContainer component. The id is not necessarily unique across all components in the current view.
rendered boolean Yes A boolean value that indicates whether this component should be rendered. Default value: true.
showDelay Integer Yes Delay from show to hide
value Object Yes Gets The initial value of this component.