Package org.apache.myfaces.custom.ppr

Class Summary
AbstractPPRPanelGroup AJAX component which supports updating its children via AJAX calls.
AbstractPPRSubmit PPRSubmitTag can be attached to command components, enabling PPR-request inside UIData components
PPRLifecycleFactory A LifecycleFactory which just decorates the lifecycle passed in to the constructor to allow interception on ppr requests.
PPRLifecycleWrapper A lifecycle wrapper which just decorates the lifecycle passed in to the constructor.
PPRPhaseListener Before RenderResponse PhaseListener for processing Ajax requests from PPRPanelGroup.
PPRSubmitRenderer If container for a commond component this component allows you to configure which components to process (validate/update-model) during a ppr request.
PPRViewRootWrapper UIViewRoot wrapper which will process only those components configured using PPRSubmit.

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