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Validate by separating comma (or custom separator) separated values (CSV) and validating them individually with a given validator

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validatorId org.apache.myfaces.validator.csv
validator-class org.apache.myfaces.custom.csvvalidator.CSVValidator
tag-class org.apache.myfaces.custom.csvvalidator.ValidateCSVTag


            <f:verbatim>enter credit card numbers, separated by a period:</f:verbatim>
            <h:inputText id="creditCardNumber" value="#{backingBean.creditCardNumbers}" required="true">
                <s:validateCSV subvalidatorId="org.apache.myfaces.validator.CreditCard" separator="\\." />



subvalidatorId - Required validator ID of actual validator.
separator = Optional custom separator (default is ,)


Use this validator to allow users to enter multiple input values in a single input, separated by a comma, semicolon, or other custom separator. The CSVValidator will separate the input values and call the subvalidator for each of those values.

See "myfaces-example-sandbox/validatecsv.jsp" for an example.

Known issues

The separator, if specified, must be a valid regex for separating the input String, eq "\\."

Parameters cannot be passed.