Tomahawk sandbox tag library.
Tag validateUrl

A custom validator for url format, based upons Jakarta Commons.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.apache.myfaces.custom.urlvalidator.ValidateUrlTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentempty
Display NameNone

schemesfalsefalsejava.lang.StringCSV values that indicates the set of schemes to check this url. If allowAllSchemas = true, the values of this field are ignored. If no schemes are provided, default to this set ("http", "https", "ftp").
allow2Slashesfalsefalsejava.lang.StringAllow two slashes in the path component of the URL.
allowAllSchemasfalsefalsejava.lang.StringAllows all validly formatted schemes to pass validation instead of supplying a set of valid schemes.
summaryMessagefalsefalsejava.lang.Stringalternate validation error summary message format string
messagefalsefalsejava.lang.Stringalternate validation error detail message format string (use 'message' and 'detailMessage' alternatively)
detailMessagefalsefalsejava.lang.Stringalternate validation error detail message format string (use 'message' and 'detailMessage' alternatively)

No Variables Defined.

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