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Tag roundedDiv

Component that allows for a rounded border effect on DIV tags that is supported in CSS2 compatible browsers and IE6.

Component that generates a DIV tag with rounded corners that may be either 3D or 2D in appearence.

The "roundedDiv" component creates a DIV tag that contains images to produce rounded corners. The rounded effect can be either 3D with lighting effects or 2D with a solid color border.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.apache.myfaces.custom.roundeddiv.HtmlRoundedDivTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

contentStylefalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe CSS style to give to the content DIV or TD (based on layout)
contentStyleClassfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe CSS style class to give to the content DIV or TD (based on layout)
layoutfalsefalsejava.lang.StringEither "table" or "div". Specifies how the output should be rendered. Size must be null if using "table" (if it is not, a div will be rendered). (Default: div)
backgroundColorfalsefalsejava.lang.StringBackground color to give the corners. Leave blank (null) to have a transparent background. If the user is using IE6, this has to be set, or the corners will not look good due to IE6's lack of PNG support.
borderColorfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe color of the border. If specified, this will cause the DIV to be 2D, if it isn't the border with have a 3D effect with lighting effects to produce the border color.
inversefalsefalsejava.lang.StringFlips the lightening/darkening effect for 3D borders. (Default: false)
borderWidthfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe width of the border in pixels. (Default: 8)
cornersfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThis allows you to specify a comma-separated list of corners to include. If not given, all four corners will be rendered. The corners include the sides they touch. So for example, if used as a tab for a tabbed pane, you could specify "topleft,topright" to have everything but the bottom corners and side have the border. Valid values are: topleft, topright, bottomright, bottomleft
colorfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe foreground color of the DIV
radiusfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe radius of the corners in pixels. (Default: 8)
sizefalsefalsejava.lang.StringIf given, a static size image will be produced. This could be useful for older browsers. If not given, the DIV that will be created will stretch to its contents using CSS2 (and CSS expressions in IE6). Value must contain two numbers, with width first. Example: 640x480
onclickfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when the element is clicked.
ondblclickfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when the element is double-clicked.
onkeydownfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when a key is pressed down over this element.
onkeypressfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when a key is pressed over this element.
onkeyupfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when a key is released over this element.
onmousedownfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when the pointing device is pressed over this element.
onmousemovefalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when the pointing device is moved while it is in this element.
onmouseoutfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when the pointing device is moves out of this element.
onmouseoverfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when the pointing device is moved into this element.
onmouseupfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: Script to be invoked when the pointing device is released over this element.
dirfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: The direction of text display, either 'ltr' (left-to-right) or 'rtl' (right-to-left).
langfalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: The base language of this document.
titlefalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: An advisory title for this element. Often used by the user agent as a tooltip.
enabledOnUserRolefalsefalsejava.lang.StringIf user is in given role, this component will be rendered normally. If not, no hyperlink is rendered but all nested tags (=body) are rendered.
visibleOnUserRolefalsefalsejava.lang.StringIf user is in given role, this component will be rendered normally. If not, nothing is rendered and the body of this tag will be skipped.
forceIdfalsefalsejava.lang.StringIf true, this component will force the use of the specified id when rendering.
forceIdIndexfalsefalsejava.lang.StringIf false, this component will not append a '[n]' suffix (where 'n' is the row index) to components that are contained within a "list." This value will be true by default and the value will be ignored if the value of forceId is false (or not specified.)
stylefalsefalsejava.lang.StringHTML: CSS styling instructions.
styleClassfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe CSS class for this element. Corresponds to the HTML 'class' attribute.
idfalsefalsejava.lang.StringAn identifier for this particular component instance within a component view.

The id must be unique within the scope of the tag's enclosing NamingContainer (eg h:form or f:subview). The id is not necessarily unique across all components in the current view

This value must be a static value, ie not change over the lifetime of a component. It cannot be defined via an EL expression; only a string is permitted.

renderedfalsefalsejava.lang.StringA boolean value that indicates whether this component should be rendered. Default value: true.
bindingfalsefalsejava.lang.StringIdentifies a backing bean property (of type UIComponent or appropriate subclass) to bind to this component instance. This value must be an EL expression.

No Variables Defined.

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