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This tag renders a html img tag and can be used to render dynamic images.

Embedding images into html pages requires a second request to get the binary data stream of the image. The result is that the state of the view including the state of request scoped beans will not be available when the image is requested.

The image data is written by an image renderer which can be defined by the imageRendererClass attribute.

This component is able to use nested f:param elements to pass parameters to the image renderer.

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component-family javax.faces.Graphic
renderer-type org.apache.myfaces.GraphicImageDynamicRenderer
component-class org.apache.myfaces.custom.graphicimagedynamic.GraphicImageDynamic
renderer-class org.apache.myfaces.custom.graphicimagedynamic.GraphicImageDynamicRenderer
tag-class org.apache.myfaces.custom.graphicimagedynamic.GraphicImageDynamicTag


<s:graphicImageDynamic imageRendererClass="ImageRendererClass" >
  <f:param name="param" value="value" />



imageRendererClass="class reference"
imageRendererClass - contains a class reference or a fully qualified class name which implements org.apache.myfaces.custom.graphicimagedynamic.ImageRenderer
+ any attribute of t:graphicImage from tomahawk but without url and value attribute


see sandbox examples graphicImageDynamic.jsf and graphicImageDynamicText.jsf

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