Package org.apache.myfaces.custom.conversation

Interface Summary
ConversationBeanElevator Interface used by the system to instruct the elevator to find and elevate a bean into the conversation scope
ConversationListener all beans implementing this listener will get informed if a conversation ends
ConversationMessager methods required to inform the user about some anomalies
PersistenceManager the interface to help the conversation framework to deal with your persistence manager (EntityManager)
PersistenceManagerFactory Implement and configure this factory to create your PersistenceManager if required.
The factory can be configured in your web.xml using the init parameter named org.apache.myfaces.conversation.PERSISTENCE_MANAGER_FACTORY
PersistentConversation Marker interface for a spring manager conversation bean to help the conversation system to determine if this conversation deals with persistence.

Class Summary
AbstractConversationActionListener base class to handle actions events
AbstractConversationComponent base class for all the conversation components
Conversation handle conversation related stuff like beans
ConversationContext The ConversationContext handles all conversations within the current context
ConversationExternalContext we need some information we normally get from the FacesContext.getExternalContext BEFORE the FacesContext is active.
ConversationManager The manager will deal with the various contexts in the current session.
ConversationRequestParameterProvider adds the required fields (conversationContext) to the request parameters.
DefaultConversationBeanElevator Simple elevator.
DefaultConversationMessager methods required to inform the user about some anomalies
EndConversationMethodBindingFacade a facade for the original method binding to deal with end conversation conditions
FakeMap a fake map which implements all methods but throw an UnsupportedOperationException
SpringConversationScope adapts the conversation scope to a new spring scope
UIConversation puts a bean into the conversation context add a bean under context control
UIEndConversation end a conversation
UIEnsureConversation Ensures a named conversation is running
UISeparateConversationContext Separates the current context from the children.
UIStartConversation start a conversation
ValueBindingKey Compre the expression string of two ValueBindings

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