Html5 Support for Apache MyFaces
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Facelet Tag name: <fx:mediaSource>
Facelet Tag class: org.apache.myfaces.html5.handler.MediaSourceHandler
Provides media sources for media components. This should be nested inside of an instance of {@link MediaSourceHolder} . Creates a {@link MediaInfo} and adds it to parent component's media info set.
Even if 'disabled' is set to true, created {@link MediaInfo} instance will be added. In this case, renderer of the parent media component should ignore that instance.


Name Type Required Description
codec javax.el.ValueExpression false Codecs of the resource (for example: "avc1.64001E, mp4a.40.2"). If this property is defined, contentType property should be defined too.
contentType javax.el.ValueExpression false MIME content type of the resource (for example : "video/ogg")
disabled javax.el.ValueExpression false If set to true, renderer of the parent{@link MediaSourceHolder} will ignore this resource.
media javax.el.ValueExpression false This property defines the intended media type of the media resource, to help the browser determine if this media resource is useful to the user before fetching it. Its value must be a valid media query. Just like the "@media" declaration in CSS.
src javax.el.ValueExpression true URL of the media source. This attribute is required.