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MyFaces inside of Tomcat 5.5.x

Some users have reported problems when using MyFaces wtth Tomcat5.5.x. Here is a short guide that will hopefully help you not run into the same problems :-)

  • If your are using the binary version of MyFaces: MyFaces is packaged so that it works with Tomcat5.0.x so the WEB-INF/lib/jsp-2.0.jar and WEB-INF/lib/commons-el.jar JAR files must be removed from your WAR files (including the examples).
  • If you are building from source: If you want to build MyFaces from scratch to work with Tomcat 5.5.x, you have to set the property tomcat.pre.5.5.version in the $MYFACES_HOME/build/build.default.properties file to the value false.
  • We hope this helps, if not please contact the user list at MyFaces!