UI-Component Sets

Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@todo 0 @todo

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 88

javax.faces.application.StateManager Line
This method should be called from somewhere when ajax response is created to update the state saving param on client. The place where this method is called is an implementation detail, so there is no references about from where in the spec javadoc. 253
javax.faces.application.ViewHandler Line
Notify EG on that last constant. Using the Facelets' param as well for backward compatiblity is silly. If an application uses Facelets then they'll be using facelets.jar. Once they chose to remove that JAR, they ought to be aware that some changes could be needed, like fixing their context-param. -= Simon Lessard =- 93
In some places like RestoreViewExecutor, we are calling deriveViewId 279
after call restoreViewSupport.calculateViewId Maybe this method should be called from here, because it is supposed that calculateViewId "calculates the view id!" 280
javax.faces.component.AbstractComponentTest Line
--No comment-- 34
--No comment-- 43
javax.faces.component.UIComponent Line
Reorder methods, this class is a mess 72
ask the EG the spec clearly contradicts blackbox RI behavior here 861
javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase Line
checkstyle complains; does this have to lead with __ ? 2611
javax.faces.component.UIComponentBaseTest Line
implement tests for _ComponentAttributesMap 107
javax.faces.component.UIComponentEncodeAllTest Line
implement me 83
implement me 94
implement me 109
javax.faces.component.UIComponentEventListenerWrapperTest Line
Auto-generated method stub 194
Auto-generated method stub 282
Auto-generated method stub 377
Auto-generated method stub 504
javax.faces.component.UIDataTest Line
--No comment-- 218
--No comment-- 226
--No comment-- 234
--No comment-- 242
--No comment-- 250
--No comment-- 258
--No comment-- 266
--No comment-- 275
--No comment-- 283
--No comment-- 291
--No comment-- 299
--No comment-- 307
--No comment-- 315
--No comment-- 323
--No comment-- 331
--No comment-- 339
--No comment-- 347
--No comment-- 355
--No comment-- 363
--No comment-- 371
--No comment-- 379
--No comment-- 387
--No comment-- 395
--No comment-- 403
--No comment-- 411
--No comment-- 419
--No comment-- 427
--No comment-- 435
--No comment-- 443
javax.faces.component.UIViewParameter Line
documentation on jsp and pld are not the same. It appear two params: maxlength and for, but no property getter and setter founded here. If maxlength is used, we can put something like this: JSFJspProperty(name = "maxlength", returnType = "java.lang.String") 42
javax.faces.component.UIViewRootTest Line
--No comment-- 317
--No comment-- 326
--No comment-- 334
--No comment-- 343
--No comment-- 351
--No comment-- 359
--No comment-- 367
--No comment-- 375
--No comment-- 383
--No comment-- 391
--No comment-- 399
--No comment-- 407
--No comment-- 415
--No comment-- 423
--No comment-- 431
javax.faces.component._ComponentAttributesMap Line
Consider making the cache shared between component instances; currently 100 UIInputText components means performing introspection on the UIInputText component 100 times. 614
Document why this method is necessary, and why it doesn't try to compare the _component field. 755
javax.faces.component._DeltaStateHelperTest Line
check the deleted data structure for further internal structural tests 224
javax.faces.component._MethodBindingToMethodExpression Line
find a way to share the implementation of class with impl. 35
javax.faces.context.ExternalContext Line
Return null for now, but it should throw exception in JSF 2.2 749
javax.faces.context.PartialResponseWriter Line
schema mentions "id" attribute; not used? 202
javax.faces.convert.DateTimeConverter Line
validate timeStyle 289
validate timeStyle 344
validate type 393
javax.faces.convert.DoubleConverter Line
DecimalFormatSymbols.getInstance exists only on JDK 1.6 change it on JSF 2.1 DecimalFormatSymbols dfs = DecimalFormatSymbols.getInstance(loc); 100
we can remove this hack, once this got fixed in the jvm! 139
javax.faces.convert.EnumConverter Line
Find a valid generic usage -= Simon Lessard =- 49
javax.faces.convert.NumberConverter Line
validate type 557
javax.faces.event.ExceptionQueuedEventContext Line
-=Leonardo Uribe=- This type of constants should be the same for ri and myfaces, to keep binary compatibility and pass TCK test. 34
javax.faces.model.DataModel Line
Go to the EG with this, we need a getRowData(int) for thread safety. Or the spec needs to specify that the iterator alters the selected row explicitely 194
Double-check if this cast is safe. It should be... 198
javax.faces.model.ResultSetDataModel Line
Implement Map, use internal TreeMap for keys instead, it's cleaner 247
javax.faces.render.ResponseStateManager Line
javax.faces.validator.RegexValidator Line
Find a better place for such a common constant 105
Present the patternExpression in a more user friendly way 156
Validate input parameter 207
javax.faces.view.ViewMetadata Line
does this need to be immutable? Spec does not indicate either way. 76
does this need to be immutable? Spec does not indicate either way. 128
javax.faces.view.facelets.FaceletContext Line
REPORT this aberration to the EG 42
javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet Line
null-check for Weblogic, that tries to initialize Servlet before ContextListener 116