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Packages that use RenderKit

Uses of RenderKit in javax.faces.context

Methods in javax.faces.context that return RenderKit
 RenderKit FacesContextWrapper.getRenderKit()
abstract  RenderKit FacesContext.getRenderKit()

Uses of RenderKit in javax.faces.render

Subclasses of RenderKit in javax.faces.render
 class RenderKitWrapper
           Provides a simple implementation of RenderKit that can be subclassed by developers wishing to provide specialized behavior to an existing RenderKit instance.

Methods in javax.faces.render that return RenderKit
abstract  RenderKit RenderKitFactory.getRenderKit(FacesContext context, String renderKitId)
abstract  RenderKit RenderKitWrapper.getWrapped()
          A class that implements this interface uses this method to return an instance of the class being wrapped.

Methods in javax.faces.render with parameters of type RenderKit
abstract  void RenderKitFactory.addRenderKit(String renderKitId, RenderKit renderKit)

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