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Uses of FacesException in javax.faces

Methods in javax.faces that throw FacesException
static Object FactoryFinder.getFactory(String factoryName)
           Create (if necessary) and return a per-web-application instance of the appropriate implementation class for the specified JavaServer Faces factory class, based on the discovery algorithm described in the class description.
static void FactoryFinder.releaseFactories()

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.application

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.application
 class ViewExpiredException
          See Javadoc of JSF Specification

Methods in javax.faces.application that throw FacesException
 Behavior Application.createBehavior(String behaviorId)
 Behavior ApplicationWrapper.createBehavior(String behaviorId)
abstract  UIComponent Application.createComponent(String componentType)
           Create a new UIComponent subclass, using the mappings defined by previous calls to the addComponent method of this class.
 UIComponent ApplicationWrapper.createComponent(String componentType)
abstract  UIComponent Application.createComponent(ValueBinding componentBinding, FacesContext context, String componentType)
 UIComponent ApplicationWrapper.createComponent(ValueBinding componentBinding, FacesContext context, String componentType)
 UIComponent Application.createComponent(javax.el.ValueExpression componentExpression, FacesContext context, String componentType)
           Call the getValue() method on the specified ValueExpression.
 UIComponent ApplicationWrapper.createComponent(javax.el.ValueExpression componentExpression, FacesContext contexte, String componentType)
abstract  Validator Application.createValidator(String validatorId)
          Instantiate and return a new Validator instance of the class specified by a previous call to addValidator() for the specified validator id.
 Validator ApplicationWrapper.createValidator(String validatorId)
 ResourceBundle Application.getResourceBundle(FacesContext ctx, String name)
           Find a ResourceBundle as defined in the application configuration resources under the specified name.
 ResourceBundle ApplicationWrapper.getResourceBundle(FacesContext ctx, String name)
 void ViewHandler.initView(FacesContext context)
          Initialize the view for the request processing lifecycle.
 void ViewHandlerWrapper.initView(FacesContext context)
abstract  void ViewHandler.renderView(FacesContext context, UIViewRoot viewToRender)
          Perform whatever actions are required to render the response view to the response object associated with the current FacesContext.
 void ViewHandlerWrapper.renderView(FacesContext context, UIViewRoot viewToRender)

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.component

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.component
 class UpdateModelException

Methods in javax.faces.component that throw FacesException
 boolean UIComponent.invokeOnComponent(FacesContext context, String clientId, ContextCallback callback)
          Invokes the invokeContextCallback method with the component, specified by clientId.
 boolean UIComponentBase.invokeOnComponent(FacesContext context, String clientId, ContextCallback callback)
          invokeOnComponent must be implemented in UIComponentBase too...
 boolean UIData.invokeOnComponent(FacesContext context, String clientId, ContextCallback callback)

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.context

Methods in javax.faces.context that throw FacesException
abstract  ExternalContext ExternalContextFactory.getExternalContext(Object context, Object request, Object response)
abstract  FacesContext FacesContextFactory.getFacesContext(Object context, Object request, Object response, Lifecycle lifecycle)
 void ExceptionHandlerWrapper.handle()
abstract  void ExceptionHandler.handle()

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.convert

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.convert
 class ConverterException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.el

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.el
 class EvaluationException
 class MethodNotFoundException
 class PropertyNotFoundException
 class ReferenceSyntaxException

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.event

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.event
 class AbortProcessingException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.lifecycle

Methods in javax.faces.lifecycle that throw FacesException
abstract  void Lifecycle.execute(FacesContext context)
abstract  void Lifecycle.render(FacesContext context)

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.validator

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.validator
 class ValidatorException
          see Javadoc of JSF Specification

Uses of FacesException in javax.faces.view.facelets

Subclasses of FacesException in javax.faces.view.facelets
 class FaceletException
 class TagAttributeException
          An Exception caused by a TagAttribute
 class TagException
          An Exception caused by a Tag

Methods in javax.faces.view.facelets that throw FacesException
abstract  void FaceletContext.includeFacelet(UIComponent parent, String relativePath)
          Include another Facelet defined at some path, relative to the executing context, not the current Facelet (same as include directive in JSP)
abstract  void FaceletContext.includeFacelet(UIComponent parent, URL absolutePath)
          Include another Facelet defined at some path, absolute to this ClassLoader/OS

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