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Facelet Tag name: <composite:clientBehavior>
Facelet Tag class: org.apache.myfaces.view.facelets.tag.composite.ClientBehaviorHandler


Name Type Required Description
default javax.el.ValueExpression false Indicate this clientBehavior description is the one that has to be taken by default. There should be only one clientBehavior with this property set to true in a composite component interface description.
event javax.el.ValueExpression true This attribute is used as the target event name, so client behaviors pointing to "name" will be attached on the related components identified by "targets" attribute and on the event name this attribute holds. In other words, this is the "real" event name.
name javax.el.ValueExpression true This attribute represents the source event name that is used when instances of the composite component are used. In other words, this is the "logical" event name.
targets javax.el.ValueExpression false Contains a list of clientIds separated by spaces that identify the component(s) that will be used to attach client behaviors from the composite component.