Package org.apache.myfaces.webapp

Interface Summary
StartupListener Startup Listener for the myfaces init process This interface allows to implement Plugins which then can be hooked into the various stages of our initialisation process to add various plugins which depend on the various phases of the init

Class Summary
AbstractFacesInitializer Performs common initialization tasks.
FaceletsInitilializer This initializer initializes only Facelets.
FacesELContextListener EL context listener which installs the faces context (if present) into el context and dispatches el context events to faces application el context listeners.
FacesInitializerFactory Simple Factory to get a FacesInitializer implementation either from a web.xml parameter or from a list of default implementations.
Jsp20FacesInitializer Initializes MyFaces in a JSP 2.0 (or less) environment.
Jsp21FacesInitializer Initializes MyFaces in a JSP 2.1 environment.
ManagedBeanDestroyerListener Listens to - removing, replacing of attributes in context, session and request - destroying of context, session and request for the ManagedBeanDestroyer to assure right destruction of managed beans in those scopes.
MyFacesServlet Derived FacesServlet that can be used for debugging purpose and to fix the Weblogic startup issue (FacesServlet is initialized before ServletContextListener).
StartupServletContextListener Initialise the MyFaces system.

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