Package org.apache.myfaces.view.facelets.compiler

Facelet compiler package, not for extension.


Class Summary
Compiler A Compiler instance may handle compiling multiple sources
FaceletsCompilerUtils Utility class for facelets (which need access to the compiler package).
SAXCompiler Compiler implementation that uses SAX
TagLibraryConfig Handles creating a TagLibrary from a URL source.

Package org.apache.myfaces.view.facelets.compiler Description

Facelet compiler package, not for extension. Compilers are used in conjunction with a FaceletFactory implementation.

You may register multiple TagLibraries and TagDecorators in order to define how the document will be parsed with the Compiler instance. TagLibraries packaged with Facelets will be loaded for you automatically and bound to their appropriate namespaces.

Compiler compiler = new SAXCompiler();
compiler.addTagLibrary(new MyTagLibrary());

String alias = "index.html";
URL url = faces.getExternalContext().getResource(alias);
FaceletHandler handler = compiler.compile(url, alias);

A Compiler instance may be used multiple times and is thread safe for compilation.

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