Package org.apache.myfaces.spi

Interface Summary
FactoryFinderProvider Provide an interface to override FactoryFinder class methods.
ServletMapping This interface provides a method to indicate a mapping used for a servlet class.

Class Summary
AnnotationProvider This interface provide a way to override myfaces annotation scanning algorithm that needs to be found at startup: ManagedBean FacesComponent FacesBehavior FacesConverter NamedEvent FacesRenderer FacesBehaviorRenderer FacesValidator
AnnotationProviderFactory Factory that provide AnnotationProvider instances
AnnotationProviderWrapper Wrapper class that all AnnotationProvider instances should extend.
FaceletConfigResourceProvider Locate facelet taglib xml files through classpath.
FaceletConfigResourceProviderFactory Factory that provide FaceletConfigResourceProvider instances
FacesConfigResourceProvider Locate faces-config xml files through classpath.
FacesConfigResourceProviderFactory Factory that provide FacesConfigResourceProvider instances
FacesConfigurationMerger SPI that uses the FacesConfigurationProvider-SPI to get all FacesConfig data and then it combines it into one FacesConfigData instance.
FacesConfigurationMergerFactory SPI to provide a FacesConfigurationMergerFactory implementation and thus a custom FacesConfigurationMerger instance.
FacesConfigurationProvider This interface provide a way to merge and store all JSF config information retrieved from faces-config files, META-INF/service files and annotations that works as base point to initialize MyFaces.
FacesConfigurationProviderFactory SPI to provide a FacesConfigurationProviderFactory implementation and thus a custom FacesConfigurationProvider instance.
FacesConfigurationProviderWrapper To wrap the default FacesConfigurationProvider, use a constructor like CustomFacesConfigurationProvider(FacesConfigurationProvider fcp) and extend it from FacesConfigurationProviderWrapper
FactoryFinderProviderFactory FactoryFinder is a class with three methods:
ServiceProviderFinder This class provides an interface to override SPI handling done by MyFaces.
ServiceProviderFinderFactory Factory that provide a ServiceProviderFinder instance, that is used to locate classes through SPI interface.
WebConfigProvider SPI to provide a custom WebConfigProvider implementation.
WebConfigProviderFactory SPI to provide a WebConfigProviderFactory implementation and thus a custom WebConfigProvider instance.

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