Package org.apache.myfaces.config

Interface Summary
FacesConfigUnmarshaller<T> Parses a single InputStream into an unmarshalled faces config Object, that can be processed by a respective FacesConfigDispenser.

Class Summary
DefaultFacesConfigurationMerger Default impl of the FacesConfigurationMerger-SPI.
FacesConfigDispenser Subsumes several unmarshalled faces config objects and presents a simple interface to the combined configuration data.
FacesConfigurator Configures everything for a given context.
LastVariableResolverInChain Represents the last Variable resolver in the chain - is added to be able to through an Evaluation Exception, even if any third-party Variable Resolver is added to the mix.
ManagedBeanBuilder Create and initialize managed beans
ManagedBeanDestroyer Destroyes managed beans with the current LifecycleProvider.
NamedEventManager The NamedEventManager class is used to keep map a short name to ComponentSystemEvent classes annotated with @NamedEvent.
RuntimeConfig Holds all configuration information (from the faces-config xml files) that is needed later during runtime.

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