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Uses of MetaRuleset in javax.faces.view.facelets

Methods in javax.faces.view.facelets that return MetaRuleset
abstract  MetaRuleset MetaRuleset.add(Metadata mapper)
abstract  MetaRuleset MetaRuleset.addRule(MetaRule rule)
abstract  MetaRuleset MetaRuleset.alias(String attribute, String property)
abstract  MetaRuleset TagHandlerDelegate.createMetaRuleset(Class type)
protected  MetaRuleset DelegatingMetaTagHandler.createMetaRuleset(Class type)
          Extend this method in order to add your own rules.
protected abstract  MetaRuleset MetaTagHandler.createMetaRuleset(Class type)
          Extend this method in order to add your own rules.
abstract  MetaRuleset MetaRuleset.ignore(String attribute)
abstract  MetaRuleset MetaRuleset.ignoreAll()

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