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Packages that use EditableValueHolder

Uses of EditableValueHolder in javax.faces.component

Classes in javax.faces.component that implement EditableValueHolder
 class UIInput
          UICommand is a base abstraction for components that implement ActionSource.
 class UISelectBoolean
          A component that allows the user to select or unselect an object.
 class UISelectMany
          Base class for the various component classes that allow a user to select zero or more options from a set.
 class UISelectOne
          Component for choosing one option out of a set of possibilities.
 class UIViewParameter
          TODO: documentation on jsp and pld are not the same.

Uses of EditableValueHolder in javax.faces.component.html

Classes in javax.faces.component.html that implement EditableValueHolder
 class HtmlInputHidden
          Renders as an HTML input tag with its type set to "hidden".

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