Package org.apache.myfaces.context.servlet

Class Summary
ApplicationMap ServletContext attributes as a Map.
CookieMap HttpServletRequest Cookies as Map.
FacesContextImplBase Provides a base implementation of the FacesContext for the use in FacesContextImpl and StartupFacesContextImpl.
InitParameterMap ServletContext init parameters as Map.
RequestHeaderMap HttpServletRequest headers as Map.
RequestHeaderValuesMap HttpServletRequest header values (multi-value headers) as Map of String[].
RequestMap ServletRequest attributes Map.
RequestParameterMap ServletRequest parameters as Map.
RequestParameterValuesMap ServletRequest multi-value parameters as Map.
ServletExternalContextImpl Implements the external context for servlet request.
ServletExternalContextImplBase Provides a base implementation of the ExternalContext for Servlet environments.
ServletFacesContextImpl Deprecated.
SessionMap HttpSession attibutes as Map.
StartupFacesContextImpl A FacesContext implementation which will be set as the current instance during container startup and shutdown and which provides a basic set of FacesContext functionality.
StartupServletExternalContextImpl An ExternalContext implementation for Servlet environments, which is used by StartupFacesContextImpl at container startup and shutdown and which provides ExternalContext functionality that does not require request and response objects.

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