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Packages that use ValueHolder

Uses of ValueHolder in javax.faces.component

Subinterfaces of ValueHolder in javax.faces.component
 interface EditableValueHolder
          Defines the methods required for a component whose value can be modified by the user.

Classes in javax.faces.component that implement ValueHolder
 class UIInput
          UICommand is a base abstraction for components that implement ActionSource.
 class UIOutput
          Displays a value to the user.
 class UISelectBoolean
          A component that allows the user to select or unselect an object.
 class UISelectMany
          Base class for the various component classes that allow a user to select zero or more options from a set.
 class UISelectOne
          Component for choosing one option out of a set of possibilities.

Uses of ValueHolder in javax.faces.component.html

Classes in javax.faces.component.html that implement ValueHolder
 class HtmlInputHidden
          Renders as an HTML input tag with its type set to "hidden".

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